Tuesday, March 5, 2013

3/5/13 Report - Bigger Surf Still Predicted For Weekend

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More Sand Being Pumped Onto Beach
Use link for more pictures.
It is chilly this morning.  I thought winter was over before it really started this year.

The wind is from the south this morning.  It will switch back to come out of the north again as the next cool front comes through.

The surf, according to the surfing web sites, will start to build Friday and Saturday, reaching a peak of 5 - 8 feet by Sunday and early Saturday.  That is what I've been talking about and looking for.

Like I said yesterday, that prediction has been holding steady for a few days now.

The temperature will be on the cool side but getting up into the low seventies or high sixties for the next few days.

They are dumping sand on the beach by Jupiter Inlet again, starting right at that dip I talked about a few days ago.

Here are some nice pictures of that beach.


18th Century and earlier items are being discovered at one London site.

Here is the link.


Some nice photos to look at.

I mentioned the TV show Diggers the other day.  On their web site they have nice article about detecting.

Here is the link if you want to check it out.


We'll see what happens this weekend.  That is my current focus.  The  predicted higher surf could significantly improve beach detecting conditions.

Only one day remaining for the blog poll.  I hope you will respond.

Someone in the Oklawaha area has an aluminum canoe buried under sand on a private beach in a community where the live..  They would like a detectorist willing to help them verify/pinpoint the presence of the canoe before digging.  They are willing to pay a small fee to help with expenses.   If you are interested and can go to the Oklawaha/Silver Springs area let me know and I'll try to hook you up.

Happy hunting,