Friday, March 8, 2013

3/8/13 Report - Shark Migration and Various Things

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An estimated 15,000 sharks were sighted off of Palm Beach heading north.  Some were in very shallow water.   Many beaches were closed.

Here is a good video along with the article.

Here are instructions for making your own metal detector.  I won't be doing that, but if you are somebody that likes projects, this might be for you.

An aerial electromagnetic survey along with other techniques revealed a hidden old meteor crater.

A man found $30 million worth of paintings in the garage of a house he bought.  That is good luck!

Good thing he didn't just throw them in the garbage.

Not only is the surf predicted to be high Sunday, but it is predicted to stay fairly high through most of next week.  They are predicting up to an 8 foot surf next Thursday yet.  If it hits the beach at a good continuous angle, the effects could add up.   The down side of that is that after the peak predicted for Sunday, you won't be able to easily work the low tide area for a while.  But I'd rather have it that way.  Beach detecting conditions are likely to improve on the Treasure Coast.

The wind is now out of the northeast and the surf is increasing.

I've been receiving email from new detectorists and people wanting to get into the hobby.  Notice I called it a hobby.  That is what it is for most people.

As I've said before, it is possible to make a living at metal detecting, but only a very few can and do.  I'd say that most people, if they honestly figure all expense, lose money at it.   And many have no interest in turning finds into cash.

It takes time to learn the skills.   You have to put in some hard work to make a good living from detecting.   Many people do not have the physical capacity for it.  It is not easy spending long hours walking the beach in all kinds of weather.  And water hunting can be just as challenging and more productive.

It also helps to live in the right place.  There is a lot more gold to be found in some areas.  You can travel to those places, but travel takes time and adds expense.

Most people metal detect casually rather than professionally.   Most people do it for the fun of it.  Turning it into a profession can take the fun out of it.  There are many easier ways to make some money.

Don't quit your day job and think you are going to clean up metal detecting.  Learn what it is all about before even thinking of that.

It takes a lot of learning, skill and lots of patience.  Enjoy yourself.  And maybe you'll be lucky anyway. 

Success can be had, but the cost can be high.  Read the Mel Fisher story.

Happy hunting,