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3/27/13 Report - Houses of Refuge & Dug Iron Objects

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View of Gilbert's Bar House of Refuge From Vintage Post Card
You probably know about the Gilbert's Bar House of Refuge south of Jensen Beach, but did you know about the House of Refuge in Vero?  It was once known as the Bethel Creek House of Refuge and stood where Jaycee Park in Vero is now.

You can read about the Bethel Creek House of Refuge and the life of some of the families that manned the station by using the following link. 

It will take a few seconds to open, but it is well worth the time.

Thanks to Robert K. for the above link.

And here are the locations of the Florida Houses of Refuge (Found in Wikipedia). 

As you probably know, the Gilbert's Bar station is the only one still standing.  I've posted information on that station in several posts.

I posted pictures of some dug iron objects yesterday and had an idea what they were but wasn't sure.  I'm absolutely sure I know what they are now. 

A number of you got it right off the bat.  And nobody offered any answer other than the correct one.  

If you have any doubts, I think this will put them to rest.  Doug sent in this link that shows some decorative tops for wrought iron fences.   Take a look at DIY-167.   I think that is the exact one.

Thanks to you all.   Pete R., Doug (who sent the above link), Rinkrat, Janine, David J., Robert K. and Russ P., all correctly identified the fence post tops. 

Pete R. added that they are called spearheads or railheads.

In addition a couple of guys also had a story of their own about eye-balling, which I talked about yesterday.

Rinkrat said, and i agree 100% on keeping your eyes open and scanning the ground. my best gold find ever was an eyeball gold chain.

William K. said,  your item about finding bills reminded me of two recent finds, one was a few dollars stuck together in the seaweed left, another was a 5.00 crumpled in the sand and like you, found another 5.00 when heading to the beach next to a puddle......fortunately/or unfortunately that last one was the best find of the day!

On the Treasure Coast we still have a north/northwest wind.  The surf is 1 - 2 feet.  Tomorrow the surf is going to be a little rougher.

The tide is getting a little bigger.  That might help a little.

Happy hunting,