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3/30/13 Post - Royal Gold Ring Find, Reading Beaches & Tsunamis

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Very Old Gold Ring Found by Detectorist
See link immediately below gor the story.

Here is a gold ring found by a detectorist.  It is thought to be around 1400 years old and is possibly royal. 

It was found in England south of York.

California sewage workers pawned $2500 worth of gold jewelry found while cleaning sewer traps.

Hmmmm.    Lot of interesting questions there.

I always like to look down the sewer grates as I walk over one.  I'm sure that some of them have something good in them.   I guess a fellow could make a little suction dredge and contract with the city or whatever to clean them out.  Make a little extra money from the finds.    

Amber Sands Access Looking North.
Photo by Alan D.

Here is a picture of the beach looking north from the Amber Sands Beach Access.  I hunted there the morning after those cuts were created and showed a 193x coin that was found there.   The erosion occurred about a week ago or so.
If you look at the cut, you'll notice that the cut is old and deteriorating.  You can see that from how the sand has fallen and the cut is no longer as crisp. 
There hasn't been any new erosion there since.  When you see a cut look at it to see if it is new, old, has occurred in steps, or has started to fill again.  You can tell.
Keep watch a place like this and especially watch for any further erosion, especially in front of the cut. 
This cut was producing older coins, so any additional erosion in front of the cut might make the beach productive again.
Thanks to Alan for the great photo.
As, I always say, I can't be everywhere, so it really helps when I receive reports and photos.

On the Treasure Coast we have southeast seas again and a surf that is only 1 - 2 feet.   That makes it easy to work the low tide area and maybe a little shallow water.  I haven't seen too much coming from those areas lately anyhow.

Low tide this afternoon will be a little after five PM.
I recently mentioned a buoy in front of the Ocean Grill in Vero.  Terry H., sent the following information he found on the web site linked below.  Here is what they said.
As the rumor mill continues to stir here in Vero Beach there has been a mysterious ship anchored several mile SE of Vero Beach off the shore. Also ,the rumor mill continues that the off shore monitoring (DART- Deep-Ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunamis) buoys has been out of commission for over a year and no one knows if or when it will ever be repaired. Again, this information is through the rumor mill.
There are some fairly new tsunami warning signs around the Vero Beach area.  Maybe the buoy has to do with the tsunami monitoring and warning system.
The web site,, which provides information on Vero Beach places and events, also provided the following interesting tid bits. 
...we just shelled out at least $10,000.00 for the erection, planning, labor and installation of these signs.
That is government at work.  A lot of this type of spending is due to the fact that we send our tax dollars to Washington, where they take out their share to pay government workers and give them nice benefits, and then in order to get some of the tax dollars back, the local governments have to come up with projects that they might not do if the local money was still in the local area anyhow.
They same web site also said, ...there was a rouge wave in Daytona Beach on July 3, 1992 with no warning, measuring 18 feet high, 250 feet wide, 27 miles long. This wave smashed hundreds of vehicles parked on the beach and injured 75 people. By the way, this was not a Tsunami.

I thought that was interesting.

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