Thursday, March 14, 2013

3/14/13 Report - Winds Changed Direction But Not Swells and Jesuit History in Florida

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Typical Beach This Morning

Yesterday afternoon the wind picked up and was coming from the north.  The surf, though is expected to be around 3 - 5 feet today and tomorrow.

Despite the change in wind direction, the swells are still coming in almost directly from the east and not creating cuts.  The photo shows the typical beach on the Treasure Coast today.  I checked about five spots and saw about the same thing everywhere.

Even though the wind changed direction, the swells are still hitting the beach from the east.  That would suggest, and correctly in this case, no cuts.

The prediction is still for a 1 - 2 foot surf on Sunday, then increasing a bit again.

I'm sticking with my 2 rating on my Treasure Coast Treasure Beach Detecting Conditions Scale for now.  Finds are often made days and sometimes even weeks after an event. 

Like I was saying yesterday, timing is important.  

With the selection of the new Pope yesterday, you might be interested in reading about the Jesuits in Colonial America.  One good resource, completely available and free online as a PDF file, has an entire chapter on the Jesuits in Florida from the 1500s up to the mid 1700s.

Here is the link.

I often receive email asking about other places that you can find shipwreck treasures.  There is one beach that I seldom mention simply because I seldom visit it myself -  not because it isn't any good but there are simply too many other shipwreck beaches closer to my home.  (I don't travel as much since the price of gas is so high.)  Some of this blog's readers do detect this beach.  The beach I am talking about is Aquarina Beach.  1715 Fleet coins can sometimes be  found there.

You can find Aquarina Beach by going south on A1A about 10.8 miles from Route 192.  You'll see the Aquarina community and club complex.

Parking is not easy there.   If you are not careful you can easily get ticketed or towed.   When you find your way to the beach,  detect in front of the Aquarina complex.

You might have already read about this Atocha gold chain.  This isn't a new find but I thought it was worth posting because it shows some good pictures of the construction of the chain and cross.  I think you'll find it worth at least a quick look.and

I saw that I posted the wrong link to one story yesterday.  Here is the link that I posted.  It is actually about a rare half cent found in an attic instead of the treasure hunter that got lost.

They keep printing money, devaluing your money and artificially pumping up the stock market while telling us there isn't inflation, yet every item a normal person buys on a regular basis is getting more and more expensive.  And while they tell us there is no effect of the deficit, the dollar in your pocket shrinks and people that have saved can't make a cent on savings or CDs.

Here is a quick video showing one beach and the surf this afternoon.  I tend to put videos towards the bottom of the post because they can take a little while to load.

That is it for today.

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