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7/10/13 Report - Beach Storm Finds, Famous Artifacts for Sale, James Drew's Ring & Chantal

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Coins, Buttons and Artifacts Found on N. C. Beach in Short Period of Time by Richard O.
Photos and report recently submitted to TBR  by Richard O.

As we wait to see what Chantal will do to the Treasure Coast, others all along the Coast of the U. S. are doing the same.

Richard, who found a large number of early 1800s coins, buttons and other artifacts on a North Carolina beach immediately after Andrea in 2013,  found another large group of items at the same beach location.

Richard uses an Excalibur.  He has his F-150, which serves as his beach camper, equipped with three days of food and water to hit the beach hard after any storm.

Richard said, I found 13 Large Cent on the last trip on June 6,2013 and 3 Flying Eagle Cent, corroded along with my 1st V- Nickel from this location and another Shield Nickel. I found 5 Shield Nickels the 1st trip along with my 1st Copper Nickel 3 cent coin at the waters edge.

Thanks for the report and photos Richard!

Theodore Roosevelt's hunting rifle, General George Patton's uniform, and Doc Holiday's six shooter are all being sold at auction on July 15th.  What looter is selling these priceless artifacts?  No, its not a looter.  It is the city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania that is selling these items and thousands more that they bought with tax payer money with the intention of creating a museum and are now selling the one-of-a-kind priceless historice artifacts to meet budget short-falls.

Here is the link to the video.

Thanks to Jim F. for sending the link.

Here is an old article, but interesting nonetheless.  It is from the New York Times, 1984.

The US government, according to AARP, is still making payments to descendants of veterans of the Civil War.

NHC Projected Track for Chantal
The predicted track has been moved west some.  Now they show the center almost right over the Treasure Coast instead of out in the Bahamas.  They now have it as a tropical depression at that point (Saturday).

Yesterday I mentioned how the surfing web sites appear to have a systematic error.  They often predict a large surf a several days before a storm arrives, but as the storm comes closer, more often than not, the surf predictions decrease.  That happened again last night.  They aren't predicting anything much more than a 3 foot surf now for the Treasure Coast this weekend.  I'd be surprised if we didn't get something more than that though.  We'll just have to keep watching to see how things develop.

Now we have something like a 2 foot surf.

Only a little more than a day left to respond to the blog poll.

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