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7/5/13 Report - Agatized Coral & Fall Treasure Auction Details and Deadlines

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Agatized Coral
Image from the Florida Dept. of State
Division of Historical Resources web site.
It's another beautiful morning on the Treasure Coast.  Before eight o'clock the mornings have been what I call beautiful.  Not too hot yet, there is a good breeze coming from the Southeast.  That is the way it was this morning.

One thing I don't like about July 5, is the sparkler wires and fireworks trash. 

I looked at a web site this morning showing junk on the bottom of the ocean.  It reminded me of one of those things I wish I caught in a photo.  I saw a hermit crab walking around using a piece of glass bottle neck with aluminum screw top as his home.  Reminded me a small aluminum travel trailer.

I saw a cuttlefish or a squid on the beach the other day, I'm guessing cuttlefish since I saw it at about the same location on the beach where I saw what was identified as a cuttlefish a few years ago.
Here is news concerning the upcoming Fall Sedwick Coins treasure auction that I received by email from Daniel Frank Sedwick II.

Now is not too early to consign to our Treasure and World Coin Auction #14 in the fall of 2013. In fact, the deadline will be here before you know it, so contact us soon.

We have secured the DoubleTree by Hilton at Lake Buena Vista in Orlando and have locked in a date for our first LIVE public FLOOR auction: Wednesday, October 30, 2013. Please let us know now (without commitment) if you think you would like to come, so that we can make a preliminary head count and see if we need to expand the block reservation. If you would like to make a reservation directly please use the following link click here or call the hotel and use the Group Code: SED.  Spaces are limited and will fill up pretty quickly.

Now is your chance to be part of this inaugural event and take advantage of selling your collection in a fully live venue with an elite group of bidders attending from all over the world. Lot viewing will be on site the day before the auction, and special hotel rates and complimentary food and drinks will be offered during the auction in this exclusive event at the DoubleTree by Hilton, an upscale hotel in one of the world's most-visited vacation cities with easy airport access and transportation.
Attendees from around the world will no doubt enjoy our upscale shopping areas and internationally recognized family attractions like Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World and many others. Our company's renowned personal attention and state-of-the-art Internet presence will be augmented with an old-time floor auction in a top-level international gathering without the distraction of a coin show. Record prices for the finest collections will be virtually guaranteed! We expect that lot space will be limited in our first floor event, so please contact us soon to consign your special collections of cobs, world gold coins, shipwreck ingots and coins and artifacts, world silver crowns, ancients and U.S.-coin rarities.

Treasure, World & U.S. Coin Auction #14 (both LIVE on the Internet and as a live FLOOR auction at the same time) is scheduled for Wednesday, October 30, 2013, with lot viewing the day before and lot pickup the day after the auction. We can offer the same room rate all week long if you and/or your family wish to stay longer in Orlando. Come enjoy our Treasure Auction and Central Florida's attractions during our best weather season! Click here for consignment instructions. 

Already for this auction we have secured many interesting and very important items, including a very rare group of Colombian cobs and other numismatic rarities, plus extraordinary treasures like an "EnRada" gold bar from the Atocha and a stunning gold rosary and other jewelry and fine artifacts from the 1715 Fleet. Also, for first time we have the honor of presenting a new and very promising salvage company's initial finds: the collection of recoveries by Global Marine Exploration, which includes an intact and very historically important bronze cannon with matching breech block and a collection of very rare Santo Domingo silver coins minted under Charles and Joanna. Last but far from least, we will be offering Part II of the New England Collection of Brazilian coins, in addition to a large selection of rare and high-quality cobs and Latin American coins from Mexico, Lima and Potosi.

Do you know what is the Florida state stone?  It is agatized coral (See photo above.)

Agatized coral occurs when silica replaces the limy corals with a quartz known as chalcedony. The  process takes 20-30 million years.   It is essentially fossilized coral.

Here is the web site about that.

One of my experts on artifacts that saw photos of the point that I showed the other day, thinks it could possibly be made of agatized coral.   If that is the case, the original raw material might be from near Tampa, the nearest source of agatized coral, or perhaps a more distant source.  Maybe the point made its way to the Treasure Coast as a trade item.

Weather it is made of shell of agatized coral, I'm told it is a Newnan point from around 3000 years ago, which makes it about ten times older than our Spanish shipwreck finds.

Here is a site showing treasure found in a warriors grave in Russia, including a gold brooch.

And here is a image gallery showing treasure trove items found in Russia.\

On the Treasure Coast we're expecting continued southeast winds and 3 - 4 foot surf for the weekend.
As a result I don't expect any real change in beach detecting conditions.

As I showed yesterday, there are a few (very few) spots on the Treasure Coast where you might find some slight erosion.

I posted a new poll and would appreciate your reponses.  We get good data from the polls that can't be found anywhere else.

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