Thursday, July 4, 2013

7/4/13 - Beach Erosion, Independence Day, Numismatic Show, Lost Merchant News & T. C. Fossils

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Cut Found on Treasure Coast Beach This Morning
The surf picked up a little.  The wind was from the southeast, yet I found this cut this morning.  It was roughly two feet at its highest.   It wasn't very long.  Much of the beach was not cut, or only cut a barely noticeable amount.  Another beach that I looked at was not cut at all.   Therefore, I am not close to upgrading my beach detecting conditions rating yet.

That said, there were already a good number of coins out there.  More than the usual number of people have been going to the beach this week, despite the rains we've been having.

Where I've been seeing shells, fossils and old artifacts, that all has now disappeared.  Like I said yesterday, it opens up and presents things, but the window of opportunity can close quickly.  That is especially true for  the types of items I am talking about  here.  \

Here are a couple of fossils found recently on the Treasure Coast.

Two Treasure Coast Fossils Sighted on the Beach a Few Days Ago.
On the left is a giant land tortoise leg scale, and on the right is a beaver tooth.  Fred D. identified these.

Appropriate to the day, here is a note from Kovels Komments concerning the original Star Spangled Banner, a small piece of which sold for over $65,000.  

In the past, the United States flag was treated very differently than we treat it today. The original 1814 Star-Spangled Banner that flew at Fort McHenry and inspired our national anthem was later put on public display--and small bits were given to guests and celebrities. Two of these fragments, with indisputable history, sold for $65,725 a few years ago. Recently we saw another fragment attached to a toothpick-sized stick. It was accompanied by a family history saying it was part of the famous flag and was handed down in the family. The fabric, about 1 square inch in size, is owned by the Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland. It was found, along with a note, in a drawer in the house of a family ancestor.

The Statue of Liberty was opened today after being closed after Sandy.

Thousands of people are hitting the beaches today.  Over 100,000 are expected at Delrey Beach, for example.

The FUN (Florida United Numismatists) summer show is  coming soonJuly 11-13, 2013 at the Orange County Convention Center, Hall WC, 9800 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819. 

Sedwick Coins will be at the FUN show.  You can consign in person there for their upcoming Oct. 2013 auction.

The Dare and The Magruder have been out searching for the Lost Merchant shipwreck.  It seems they are having success.  Captain Andy and the crew of the Magruder recovered encrusted objects, pieces of pottery, iron spikes, a cannon ball and a silver coin.

The first three types of items, EOs, pieces of pottery, and iron spikes, are the types of things that are appearing on Treasure Coast beaches lately.  They appear more frequently during poor beach conditions.  Treasure coins, on the other hand, are seldom found during poor beach conditions.