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7/27/13 Report - Beach Finds, Coin Downloads, Biggest Year for Shipwreck Discoveries, Dorian & More

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Mystery Encrusted Object.
Photo by William M.
As I said yesterday, people are seeing interesting things along the Treasure Coast beaches, but no cobs or treasure coins.  A good number of fossils are being seen in with the shells, some encrusted objects and other items that tend to appear along with shells are being seen.

Here are a few photos from William M.  First is an encrusted object.  A museum is taking a look at this one.  Could it possibly be a hand guard?  That seems like one possibility.

Below is a connector that was found in the same hole as an olive jar neck.

Those are the kinds of things that are being seen on the Treasure Coast beaches right now.

A couple of days ago I also showed a 18th or 19th century button that showed up on one Treasure Coast beach recently too.

Thanks for the photos William.

As I often repeat, when beach conditions are not right for one kind of item, it is good for another.  Right now we are seeing these types of items that tend to go along with shell piles.

Old Connector
Photo by William M.

It appears that Dorian, much like Chantal did, is falling apart.  Now predicted to take a more southerly track, it is expected to reach Cuba as only a depression.

What do you think was the biggest year for important shipwreck discoveries?  I know that is a hard question, and probably impossible to answer, but one candidate has to be 1985.

From the online archives of People Magazine, December 1985, is this brief article mentioning three big shipwreck discoveries that year.   The discovery of the main pile of the Atocha, which occurred on July 20, 1985, and the Titanic and Whydah, both of which were found in 1985.

Below is the link to that People article.,,20092640,00.html

The Numismatic News web site offers some very useful free downloads including a visual guide for grading circulated coins and another guide for handling and collecting coins.

Here is the site where you can get the downloads.

One waitress found $5000 in a diner booth and another woman found $20,000 along the side of the road.  Both women found the owners and returned the money and received a reward.

Today's the day.   Most everybody knows that phrase and its role in treasure hunting.  The People article says that Mel Fisher said that almost every working day for 17 years.

In a very general sense, everyday is indeed the day.  Today is the only day you can grasp and work with.  It is the time at hand - it is where you make decisions and take action.  It is there to be used well or poorly.  The past is over and the future isn't here yet. 

If you take the phrase how I think it was meant - expecting that long-awaited big find - it seems to me that it was wrong hundreds of times before it was right.   But no matter if it is right or wrong, it represents a useful attitude.  It is the mind set of an optimist.   It enables a person to keep going with enthusiasm even when the odds are very long against you. 

A good positive attitude can be very helpful.   It is too easy to give up if you don't have a positive attitude.  Pessimists don't last long in treasure hunting.  And it would seems to me that pessimists struggle unnecessarily with life.

One way to maintain a good attitude is to have smaller goals as well as a large one.  Take pleasure in the little things as well as the big.  Don't define success too narrowly. 

Appreciate the little things in life.  The sun, the wind, the rain, the feel of sand between your toes, the relief of being in the water on a hot day, etc. 

Count your blessings.  Make it a habit.

Take advantage of obstacles and failures.  Learn from them.  Turn them around.  

Optimism leads to success, and success leads to optimism.   

Did someone need that today?  I thought about not posting it, but felt like I needed to.

Here is the new projected track of weakening Dorian.

Beach detecting conditions remain unchanged so far.  Most beaches are sandy and many have a lot of shells.

The ocean is smooth this morning.  The surf will be increasing up to a peak of about 2 - 4 feet Wednesday, and according to the predictions, decreasing again.

It looks like nothing is going to shake the beaches up for a while.

The poll is progressing nicely.  I hope the results will show our government officials the importance of detecting to the public and its impact on the region.

Thanks for responding.

Happy hunting,