Tuesday, July 2, 2013

7/2/13 Report - Dept. of Historical Resources Statements on Metal Detecting and Artifacts, Lost Detector & Treasure Coast Finds

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14K Ring with Stone 
Found on Treasure Coast
The 14K rings keep coming.  The hot weather and the holidays will have a lot of people out on the beach.

There is quite a variety out there.  I've mentioned some of the artifacts that have been showing up on the beaches as well as the fossils.  But there are also modern things.

Bill P., whose coin cleaning instructions are found listed in my reference links list, says of the ruby or garnet ring that I showed a couple of days ago, if you look up through the bottom of a garnet, it will appear smokey.  That is one way you might be able to tell the difference.

I don't know what stone is in the ring shown today.

I'm still trying to find the best number of who in the state to report artifact finds to.  I want to be able to let you all know what to do if you happen to see something that might be significant when you are at the beach.  There have been several occasions over the years when I've been approached by people who found something, didn't know exactly what it was, and approached me thinking I could tell them.  Years ago, for example, I was on Wabasso beach, and a tourist lady staying at the Disney Resort had found a fossil and stone point near the resort after some erosion.   She wondered what the items were.  I don't know why people think I look like I would know about those things.  I always have to contact some of my online friends to get detailed information.  I guess I look like I should know about such things even though I don't.   I could only tell the lady that she had a mammal fossil bone and arrowhead.  Actually, it could have been some other kind of point. Anyhow, at that time I told her to contact the McClarty Museum as a starting place since it was close and I figured they would be able to tell her what she should do.  The Isolated Finds Policy was still in place at that time.

One recent find on the Treasure Coast is said to be about 3000 years old.

Recently I've posted how the British deal with detectorists who find artifacts.  Their system seems to me to very good in many respects.  I wish we had something similar so artifacts would be better reported and protected.  We're losing a lot of artifacts and information.   The public often finds things and they usually don't know what they are, and they generally don't have any idea about the relevant laws.

 Here is what the Florida Dept of Historical Resources says about metal detecting and artifacts found in rivers.

Q: Is metal detecting prohibited on state property?
A: Metal detecting on State land is generally prohibited with few exceptions. Many public beaches allow metal detecting between the high tide line and the toe of the dune. Beaches that are part of State and Federal Parks, Preserves, Sanctuaries, and military installations will have specific rules governing metal detecting; always consult with the park or property manager.

Q: I'm a diver who is interested in collecting artifacts from the rivers; is this legal?
A: State public lands include the submerged river bottom. The removal of artifacts from State lands is prohibited by Chapter 267.13 punishable with fines and either a first degree misdemeanor or third degree felony, depending on the circumstances. If you have discovered a site while diving in Florida’s rivers, contact our office and we can provide you with information regarding the site or, with your help, record a new site.

Here is the link for the Florida Dept. of Historical Resources FAQ.  


I think I discussed the high tide line the other day.  It is actually the average high tide line, not the mark of the most recent high tide.

Michael E. sent me this link to a listing in Craigslist.  Someone stole a Minelab Excalibur with custom ear phones and a stainless steel scoop from the 21st St. parking area in Miami.   I don't know how or why someone would leave equipment like that sitting around unattended in that area.  Anyhow, he is hoping to get the equipment back and says it is his only source of income.  Be aware in case you see it.

Here is the link.

The surf was only 1 - 2 feet on the Treasure Coast again today.  The wind is mostly from the south.  

The low tides have still been nice and low lately.  Also, you can expect an occasional rain shower.

As I said, there are quite a variety of types of things to be found on the beaches these days.

Happy hunting,