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7/15/13 Report - WITH 10 AM UPDATE - $200,000 Sebastian Gold Coin Discovery, Mystery Item & My First Detectors

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New Photo of 48 Gold Coins Found Off of Sebastian
Photo submited by Jonah M.

I added the above just after 10 AM this morning.  I wanted to get it in as quick as I could and I already posted the following.   Thanks to Jonah for the photos!

More info on the coins tomorrow.


Mystery Object Found by Richard O. \
Along with Coins From 1800s
Photo by Richard O.
As you know, I try to keep you up on the Treasure Coast treasure hunting news.  Yesterday I posed some big breaking news about the discovery of around 40 gold coins off of Sebastian.

Here is a more complete article about that.  The gold coins are estimated at about $4000 a piece, totally around $200,000 overall.

Below is the link.

A few days ago I posted some finds by Richard O.  Included were a lot of 1800s coins, buttons, and some miscellaneous hardware.  Here is an item that Richard has been trying to ID.

Among the hardware items that Richard found, were a variety of key hole covers.  That makes me think this item might have been decorative piece from a box that surrounded the key hole.

Notice the dolphin heads with opened mouths pointing towards the center.  If that design is familiar to you or if you can otherwise identify the object, let me know.  I know that I've seen similar figures but don't know exactly where right off.

Coins Found by Richard O.  Photos by Richard.

Here are some of the coins found by Richard along with the mystery item.  Very nice bunch of finds Richard!

Just as a reminder these were beach finds that were found after storms this year.

My first detector was a Whites detector that I bought from Sears and Roebuck.   I'm sure it was a perfectly good detector.  I found coins on the beach with it, but for some reason I sent it back.  I now doubt that there was anything much wrong with it, although maybe there was.  I'm not sure and I don't really remember.   I thought something was wrong with it.   I probably didn't know how to use it well at the time.  I do remember finding coins with it on Hollywood Beach.

My next detector was a Fisher 1280 Aquanaut.
That was the detector that really got me going.  I got in the water and started finding a lot of jewelry with the Aquanaut.

The first ring I found was a silver ring down on Hollywood Beach.  It came pretty quick after I got that detector and I was showing my parents my new detector.  I let them try it a little, then I took it and walked down towards the water and in a few minutes came back with the ring.  They were amazed.

One important thing that I've mentioned before, but which bares repeating, is that when I began detecting, I thought men lost a lot more rings than women.  That was because at first I found a lot more men's rings.  I later learned the reason for that.  It was because I was using discrimination and missing some of the smaller women's rings. You don't want to miss those.  They can hold valuable diamonds or other gem stones.

When hunting gold, I always focus on the small pieces.  If I'm getting the smalls I figure the larger ones will take care of themselves.

The Fisher 1280 served me well.  It found a lot of gold before I moved up to a waterproof Nautilus 571.

I eventually sold the Aquanaut.  The Fisher was a reliable detector and when I did need service, they did a good job.

There was one time that I didn't have the battery cover on tight and got water in the battery compartment.   Since the battery compartment was sealed off from the circuitry, it did very little damage.

One problem I did have with that detector is that it had plastic arm grips. I broke those about three times and had them replaced.  They just weren't sturdy enough.  They eventually got me some metal arm grips.  I had no problem with them.

I think in future posts I might tell about some of the detectorists from the eighties that I knew.  You might have known a few of them too.

On the Treasure Coast we're having what I would call beautiful weather.  It has been rainy, but I like how that cools things down a bit.  Seems better than burning sun.

The wind has switched a bit and is now coming from the northeast.   The surf today (Mon.) is only around one foot.  That makes for easy water and low tide zone hunting.

Tomorrow the surfing web sites are predicting up to a 3 or 4 foot surf, then tapering off the next few days.

Low tide today will be a little after 8 PM.

Happy hunting,