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7/24/13 Report - Smooth Seas, Surprise Button and Photo Editing

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Exposed Shipwreck Being Excavated.
Source CBCNews
Here is the link to the article about the shipwreck..

Sometimes things pop up when and where you aren't expecting them.  An old button was found yesterday (photos below) by a detectorist while detecting for modern items along the towel line.   It was found between a bunch of new beer bottle caps and a very shiny brand new penny.  I wonder if it had been passed over by other detectorists because of the surrounding junk targets.

The button is very worn - almost paper thin.   You can clearly see the circle of lettering on the back, but the button is too worn to make out the words at this point.  You can also see the base of the busted off shank, which on the ends is clean and shiny.  Maybe some more editing of the photo will reveal more detail.

Back of Old Button Above and Front Below.

No Discernible Design on the Front.

Below are some old finds from years back of the same period (18th & 19th century) for comparison.  This one appears to be most like the one below pointed out by the arrow.  Notice the circle with writing going around the button.

It appears to be made like that of the following illustration.

This illustration is from the following web site.

Seems like a good idea to take your camera with you when you go to the beach in case you see something old.  The lighting is often very good at the beach.

Concerning photo editing, I found a web site that seems very handy.  It is free, requires no downloading and provides a number of nice photo editing features.  The site is   Just go to the web site and upload any photo you want to work on.  Then when you have it the way you want it, just save it.  It is that easy.

Here is a video showing a Treasure Coast beach near low tide yesterday afternoon.  Notice the lazy ocean and shells near the water line.

Up to the north where I zoomed out I meant to zoom it to show the salvage boat at work.  Since I zoomed out when I should have zoomed in, you can only see the boat as a white dot.

The surf was down around 1 foot. Very slow and lazy.

There were a lot of shells - mostly small and broken though.   It is interesting to look through shell piles.  You never know what might be found there.

The beach front was gaining sand, but the area near the water was firm.  The beach above had a small sand bar on the front of the beach that was uncovered near low tide.

The video was made by a Sony CX230.  Pretty good video camera for the price.  It lacks an external mike jack though.

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