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7/22/13 Report - Tons of Silver, Sea Scooter for Underwater Work & More

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Silver Bar From Gairsoppa
Source: New York Daily News
Odyssey Marine Exploration has raised 1574 silver bars from the SS Gairsoppa, a ship sank by a German U-boat during World War II while caring a cargo of silver.  The Gairsoppa is three miles below the surface of the sea.  The value of the silver is expected to be over $35 million.

Here is the link for more on that story.

Thanks to Doug for the link.

Odyssey Marine was on the Today Show telling about the Gairsoppa silver on Monday morning.

While the price of Odyssey Marine common stock has risen lately (see chart below), it isn't near a 12-month high yet and was down a little in early trading Monday morning.  Maybe the news of the Gairsoppa silver will cause it to increase a little more.  Who knows?

OMEX Stock for the 12 Months

After a samll amount of cleaning on yesterday's mystery object, a small horizontal mark on the back of the object looks like something broke off.  It is starting to look like it was maybe some type of lapel pin.  The front seems like that might be the answer too.

Here is another report on the recent Capitana gold coins found off of Wabasso.  Shows some different stuff.

Here is a new top-of-the-line Sea Doo Scooter.  It costs a little over a thousand dollars.  Cheaper models can be bought for around 3 or 4 hundred these days.

One detectorist that I  know occasionally uses an underwater scooter - an older model of course.

He spends more time completely underwater than most.   He snorkels rather than wades and will cruise along long stretches of resort beaches behind his scooter with his face in the water looking for a good dip to work.

He is a very productive detectorist and has been since the eighties. I would say he is one of the top three detectorist in the South Florida area that I know about. He is a member of one of the clubs, but does not publicize his detecting finds.  The two other of the top three remain completely stealth.  You are unlikely to ever see or hear about them.  Although this one is known to some extent, he has no web site or anything like that.   He detects water areas, including some that other people never get too.  The scooter helps him get to some of those areas more easily and quickly.

The scooter is also used at times to blow a little sand.

There are several advantages to working underwater rather than wading.  Of course many of the good areas are in shallow water that is too shallow for anything other than wading.  There are also some good areas in deeper water that most people don't get to.  And some areas are difficult to get to without a boat, but where if you did arrive with a boat, would be quickly removed.  A sea scooter can be used to get to areas like that.

Know your limits and stay safe.

On the Treasure Coast we are still having occasional rain showers, and we still have a one to two foot surf.  From the predictions, it looks like that will stay with us for a while.  The wind is out of the south.

This afternoon, low tide will be about 2 PM.

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