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7/29/13 Report - Galleon Construction, $4K Ring Returned, More Sand and Princess Louisa Shipwreck

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Here is a web site that provides numerous detailed illustrations of Spanish galleons.  It is meant as an educational site for youth, but it does provide a number of interesting illustrations.

The Treasure Coast isn't the only place being drowned under thousands of tons of dredged sand.  Tons of sand will soon be dumped on Broward County beaches.

Here is a map showing where the proposed beach widening will take place.,0,5158859.graphic

Thanks to Marsha R. for these links.

How can digging a hole a few inches deep in Florida's submerged waterways be considered to be in anyway destructive when thousands of tons of sand are routinely dumped by heavy equipment on beaches and in the shallow water and that is not considered destructive in any sense????  
That is like a nuclear bomb compared to a gnat.

A boy went snorkeling to find a lost $4000 ring when he heard that a lady lost it after falling in the water at the base of a waterfall.  He found it, returned it and received a reward.

Here is the link.

I was browsing the web and looking at the number and variety of silver cobs and treasure coins now listed for sale on the internet.  Their appears to be no shortage.  If you enter the name of a sunken treasure ship, most of the time instead of finding information about the wreck, you'll find numerous web sites listing coins for sale.  Some of those sites will give some shipwreck history, but the history is primarily meant to excite interest in the coins. 

Such is the case for the Princess Louisa.   You'll find numerous Spanish coins from this British ship for sale on the internet, along with some history of the wreck itself. 

Here is one web site that provides some very interesting history on the Princess Louisa and its wrecking along with some history on a variety of other old shipwrecks.

I think you'll find the history of the Princess Louisa interesting.

If you read the comments by Robert K. in yesterday's post about fake cobs, you'll want to careful to purchase coins only from known reputable dealers.

How much gold is there in the world above ground?  Some estimates say just over 155,000 tonnes.  Other estimates say many times more.  The estimates vary widely.

One of the more interesting things I found in the following linked article is that, unlike in the past, gold is now being consumed.  That means it is used in ways that now make it impractical to be recycled after it is used.

Here is the link to that article on gold.

Treasure Coast beach detecting conditions remain unchanged.  Another day of one to two foot surf.  It will increase a little, peaking around two to four feet on Wednesday and then decreasing again.

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