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7/28/13 Earliest European Inland Fort in US, Fakes and Counterfeit Coins, Ancient Plating Techniques & More

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Recent 14K Gold Filigree
Treasure Coast Beach Find.

Dorian has disappeared, much like Chantal.  

The Treasure Coast surf is still smooth.  One to two foot surf today, increasing to a peak of  2 - 3 feet by Wednesday, decreasing again.

Not much to look forward to yet.  There are still scattered shells, fossils, iron and other miscellaneous artifacts being seen on Treasure Coast beaches, along with a some modern items.

Archaeologists have discovered the remains of the earliest European fort in the interior of what is now the United States. This find will provide new insight into the beginning of the US colonial era, and the all-too-human reasons spoiling Spanish dreams of gold and glory.

In 1567, nearly 20 years before Sir Walter Raleigh’s colony at Roanoke was lost and 40 years before the Jamestown settlement was established, Spanish Captain Juan Pardo and his men built Fort San Juan in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

Here is the link for more of that story.

On the 23rd of this month I posted a link to an article telling about fake and counterfeit gold and silver coins.  Robert K. said he recently had a personal experience with this type of thing and wanted to warn others.

Here is what Robert said.

I'm sorry to say that I have been the victim of at least, Fraud, and possibly Counterfeiting from China.

A few weeks ago I purchased a gold coin on e-bay. I received the coin in a closed slab marked "Verified NGC 1/4 oz. 999.9 pure gold". There were 7 of these sold by this dealer. After a few days I received an e-mail from one of the 6 other buyers  saying that he brought his coin to an NGC certified grader and it was determined that both the coin and the slab were fakes.

Just a word to the wise, they are counterfeiting ANYTHING valuable including shipwreck coins and gold and silver bullion!!

Please ask your readers to pass this around so it doesn't happen to them.

Here is that link.

I remember once receiving an email that said that if something is plated it is of fairly recent.
Modern electroplating techniques might be recent, but back quite a while ago I[posted a string of posts talking about various older methods of gold and silver plating which has been done in one form or another for thousands of years.  Many old Treasure Coast finds including 1715 Fleet finds and the religious medallion that I showed not long ago were layered with a thin layer of precious metals.  Old buttons also commonly show silver or gold gilding.

Here is what the following linked article says.  Artists and craftsmen more than 2,000 years ago developed thin-film coating technology unrivaled even by today's standards for producing DVDs, solar cells, electronic devices and other products. Understanding these sophisticated metal-plating techniques from ancient times, described in the ACS journal Accounts of Chemical Research, could help preserve priceless artistic and other treasures from the past.

Here is a link about that.

The Royal Mint has produced a lucky 2013 silver penny for those had a child on July 22.  The lucky penny can be received free by those people by simply registering.  A scan of the birth certificate is required.

The lucky penny can also be purchased by others through the Royal Mint, as well as a variety of other Royal Birth commemoratives.

You might want to check out the downloads I mentioned in yesterday's post.

The blog poll is progressing very well, thanks to you all.  We'll have some good data.

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