Tuesday, July 9, 2013

7/9/13 Report - Rainy Beach Morning, Chantal, Old Toe Rings & 1662 Chapel

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Projected Track of Tropical Storm Chantal
from the National Hurricane Center.

The most current prediction on Chantal has the tropical storm arriving off to the east of us about Saturday and Sunday.

The surfing web sites are now predicting a 1 - 2 foot surf along the Treasure Coast until Saturday, then bumping up to about 4 - 6 feet on Sunday.   You can expect that prediction to change a bit as we get closer to that time.  I've often pointed out what appears to me to be a systematic error in the models that affect how the surf predictions change as a storm gets closer.

I'll keep giving you early and daily updated information on the progress of Chantal as she approaches us and eventually starts to affect the Treasure Coast beaches. 

This morning on the Treasure Coast there were rain showers.  It was a nice day on the beach except for the noseeums that bite after a rain.

Rainy Treasure Coast Beach This Morning

The cuts that I've shown a couple of times lately have partly filled in.

Volunteer divers from the Maritime Archeological and Historical Society  are trying to identify a wreck that lies about three miles off of Key Largo.  Long said to be a Civil War ship carrying cement to construct a fort, the cement has been identified as a type of Portland cement, which was made from 1890 to 1925, making that identification impossible.

Here is more on that story.


If you spend a lot of time hunting in the water you've probably found a ring or two that seem impossibly big.  They could be toe rings.

You might think that toe rings are new, but they have been found on ancient Egyptian skeletons.

Here is a link about that discovery.


If you find an unusually large ring from an earlier century, it might be that it was meant to be worn over a glove, like a Bishop's or Episcopal ring would be.


It appears that archaeologists may have found the site of a 1662 Catholic chapel, the St. Francis chapel, in Maryland.
Here is that link.