Thursday, July 25, 2013

7/25/13 Report - Storm Dorian, Tons of Silver Bars, Old Mine Tailings, Abandoned Florida and Blog Poll

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Track of Dorian?
National Hurricane Center
First, there is a storm that is forming in the Atlantic named Dorian.

It is too early to say where it will go.  Here is a possible track as shown by the National Hurriane Center.

Here is a stack of silver bars from the Gairsoppa just up from the ocean floor.

A new source of wealth is being found in old gold mine tailings.  The tailings contain valuable rare earth elements that are being extracted.

Here is the link about that.

I don't believe our legislators and officials have any idea how valuable metal detecting and treasure hunting is to Florida and the Treasure Coast area.  They don't know how many people read about the Treasure Coast when the gold coins were discovered right off of Sebastian beach.  That story made national news.

They don't know how many people come to the Treasure Coast from other states to metal detect.  I know.  At least I have a good idea.   I meet them all the time.  I receive questions from them via email.  I look at the google statistics that tells how many people from other states and even countries read this blog about metal detecting and treasure hunting on the Treasure Coast.  This blog, itself, has over 600,000 hits.  And all of that without any effort or anything to publicize the blog on my part other than writing the posts.

They don't know how much money is spent on boats, diving equipment, metal detecting equipment and how much people spend when they come to the Treasure Coast to detect.

They don't know how many people move to the area or buy second houses because of treasure hunting.  I, for example, first came to the Treasure Coast to metal detect the shipwreck beaches.  That was a lot of years ago.  That was my only familiarity with the Treasure Coast.   When I decided to move out of South Florida, I moved to the Treasure Coast because I knew about it from my detecting trips.  And another member of my family later bought a house on the Treasure Coast.  That would never have happened if I didn't first come to the Treasure Coast to metal detect.

I'm sure I'm not alone.  Other people hear about the Treasure Coast because of the famous treasure that the area was named for.   After they hear about it, they visit for vacation and possibly move to the area eventually.  In both cases. it means a lot of economic activity for the area.

The poll that now appears on this blog will give us some good data that can be used to let our officials how important treasure hunting and metal detecting is to the Treasure Coast.

I hope you'll respond to the poll so that we have good data to share.

Last night I ran across an absolutely fascinating web site that lists a large number of old abandoned Florida tourist attractions.  Did you know that the Orlando area had a future world other than Epcot?   There are many attempted Florida amusement parks, museums and other tourist attractions that are now abandoned.  If you are like me you'll enjoy reading about these abandoned Florida locations that include things like Ancient World, Pirate World and Treasure Land.  It is interesting enough, but you might even get a few metal detecting leads.  Of course, most of these sites are not accessible now, but some of the abandoned sites are.

The story of Ancient World is interesting.  The developer dug into an indian mound in the Boca Raton area and has glass windows installed so you could see into the mound.  He also had a museum.  It never worked out for him even though he tried a few different locations.  Interesting story.

Take a look.  Here is the link.

On the Treasure Coast this morning, the breeze is out of the west.  The surf is still smooth.  That won't change until Dorian gets closer - maybe Tuesday or Wednesday.

We'll have a nice low tide this afternoon.

Happy hunting,