Monday, December 1, 2014

12/1/14 Report - Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Conditions Downgrade. Reduced Surf Predictions. Fossil Shell.

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New Surf Predictions Posted For The Fort Pierce Area On Magic Seaweed Web Site Today.
Well it happened again.  Yesterday I said something like there would be only a 10% chance that we would actually get the 6 to 10 foot surf that was predicted for next week.  The Magic Seaweed surf prediction has already been reduced down to 4 to 6 feet for the same day.  I'm not always happy to be right.  I'd rather see a ten foot surf next week.

I also said I'd reassess my Treasure Coast beach detecting conditions rating today.  I'm no happy about that one either.  I took a look at three different beaches this morning.  All showed deterioration.  As a result, I'm back to a "1" (poor) beach detecting conditions rating.

John Brooks Beach Near Low Tide This Morning.
Here is one of the beaches that had a five foot cut a couple of days ago.  The cut is now about two feet.  Sand has filled in front of the cut.  The slope was mushy.  You can see some sea weed.

There was some firmness down by the water, which near low tide was about thirty yards from the cut.

A few miles away another beach showed similar conditions.

And here is a picture of Jensen Beach this morning.

Jensen Beach This Morning Near Low Tide.
Notice all the sea weed.  For those of you who like hunting shells  and things, there were some shell piles at Jensen Beach and Walton Rocks this morning.

Shell Fossil Found On The Treasure Coast This Morning.

I like this shell fossil.  There are two of them that you can see here.

There were also some pieces of conglomerate with crystalized shell in them, and some other small fossils too.

There was some rain at the beach this morning.  Maybe that is why the beach was so deserted, or was everyone shopping or something.  It was really quiet on the beaches that I saw this morning.

The thing I really didn't like to see is that the waves were hitting the beach almost directly from the East.  As a result I'm not expecting any real improvement any time soon even though the surf is still supposed to increase a little.

Sorry I don't have better news today.  I know we're all eager to see some improvement in the beaches.

Happy hunting,