Friday, December 11, 2015

12/11/15 Report - Cargo On The Beach. Treasure Comes In Many Forms.

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Coffee Cans All Over The Beach
Associate Press photo.
Treasure comes in many forms. There is silver and gold in its many forms - coins, chalices, ingots and rings.   Ebony, ivory, diamonds, emeralds and rubies.  Sea glass, sea shells, ambergris, arrow heads, pots, fossils, bottles, bangles and beads.

Treasure also comes in the form of more common things.  Here is a message I got from William B. that illustrates that.

Treasure hunters are a superstitious bunch. We see meaning in the randomness of everyday events. Take the anniversary day find for example.  All those gold coins, found 300 years to the day of the tragedy.  What are the odds?  Is that really just coincidence?  It seems like it was meant to be.  Well, Tuesday was another one of those days for me.  After hearing of coins being found on the TC, I came(from Pompano) up to hunt.  I was on the beach (the same beach where the gold coins were found) Tuesday morning, standing in ankle deep water talking to a fellow detectorist when a bag of coffee floats by.  Not just any coffee.  It is Bustelo espresso coffee. The ONLY coffee I drink. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I am a Bustelo fanatic.  I put the coffee  in my truck, thinking that this is a really good sign, I just might find a coin today, and headed south down the beach to hunt.  After walking for about 200  yds, I find another one.  Then another.  I had to stash them on the dune so I could keep hunting.  I found the case of coffee when I was headed back, it had washed up while I was detecting.  Another detectorist  gave me a couple of bags he had found. All in all, 17 pounds of my favorite coffee washed up on my favorite beach, while I was there. Of all the things that could have washed up on this beach on that day, it happened to be coffee. Of all the other coffees that it could have been, it turns out to be Bustelo, a specialty coffee with a miniscule share of the market(meaning that statistically speaking, it should have been Folgers or Maxwell House), and the one coffee that I cannot live without.  Coincidence?  I think not. The treasure gods are obviously pleased and wanted to show it.
William B.    

Thanks William.   I heard from others who were collecting coffee on the beach too.

Here is an article from MSN News about coffee cans on the beach.

The news is that the Columbia Elizabeth while headed to Puerto Rico from Port Canaveral lost 25 containers.  Some of the containers broke open or sank.  Some could create an enviornmental hazard.

Bags of wine were reported washing in near Fort Lauderdale.  Don't get excited.  I think it is probably too late to get any of that.

I remember one time years ago when a cargo vessel lost some furniture.  People were picking up coffee tables and chairs along the beach.

It also reminds me of the time I arrived at the beach and saw three  bales of pot, each of which was a four cubic foot bale.

Treasure does come in many forms.  Sometimes it has no earthly form at all.  You can stand alone on a deserted beach and just feel nature.  Or deeper yet, the pure magic and joy of life.

A treasure can be bitter sweet.  You might remember grandma and the peanut butter fudge she made by hand or might remember her as you hang the Christmas ornaments she knitted or made from plastic beads.

Or you might remember the toys your dad got you - toys like nothing he ever had, and which must have cost him a hard weeks pay, It showed his love when he didn't know any other way to express. You didn't realize how precious it could be at the time - especially not how expensive it was to him.

It doesn't take precious substances to make a treasure.  It doesn't take anything valuable at all to create a treasure.  Poverty and hardship can be converted into treasure when accompanied by love and virtue.

It is something like a diamond ring.  The gem is mounted in the setting.  The purpose of the setting is to display the gem "high and lifted up."  The setting should never take away from the gem.

Too often we are like little children who appreciate the colorful wrapping paper more than the precious item within.  You'll see two-year-olds who enjoy the paper and box and ignore the present.

It seems the older you get, the more you realize that the best treasure has no earthly substance or form. It is bigger than that.  More enduring.  And keeps getting more precious all the time.


We're back to having a small surf.  It seems that beach conditions have been wobbling.  By that I mean they have been going back and forth.  Some beaches will erode and produce for a few days, then change back, and then produce again.  That has happened a number of times in the past couple of months.  It is certainly better than how it was going for a couple of years prior to that time.

Sunday the surf is supposed to be a bit higher on Sunday - maybe up to six feet.

The wind is from the north today, but will be from the east the next couple of days.

There could still be a few things out there, but I don't expect much until we get another increase in surf. It won't take much for some areas to produce again.  It could wobble that way again without too much of a change.

Happy hunting,