Tuesday, December 8, 2015

12/8/15 Report - When Things Go Wrong. Still A "2" Beach Detecting Conditions Rating.

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The pictures above show some cuts.  They aren't big cuts, and they aren't even good cuts.  They are only about a foot high and the sand directly in front of these cuts is mushy.  The beach in front of these cuts is convex.  There is a hump and a then the slope is steeper near the water line.  The sand is separating from the beach and becoming a bar.  This beach has not been producing old items.

The beach shown in this picture looked better than the beach shown at the top of the post.  The front beach here is broad and flat and low.  I was eager to detect this beach, but I didn't get the chance.

I had a frustrating day.  First off, I had an obligation that didn't leave me enough time to drive to the beach I most wanted to detect.  I therefore decided to try a nearby beach.  It didn't look very good, but I spent a little time there.   In a very short time my batteries ran low so I decided to go back to the car, change batteries, and then go somewhere else.  That was no big deal because I knew my batteries run down on this outing and I brought some backup batteries.

I drove to another beach I wanted to check out, but I couldn't park close by because of a construction project, so I drove back a ways and thought I'd walk all the  way down to where I really wanted to detect.

I parked and got my detector out (with the changed battery pack) and walked a long distance as quickly as I could to where I wanted to detect.  Then when I turned my detector on, nothing happened.  It wouldn't turn on.  I played around a little, hoping to get it turned on, but had no luck. So I made the long walk back to the care without getting any detecting done at this spot that I really wanted to check out.

When I got back to the car, I put the first set of batteries back in, and the detector turned on.  At least the detector wasn't dead, but there wasn't enough power left in the used up batteries to detect for any amount of time even if I did want to make that long walk again.  So I gave up and headed home.

It seemed the problem was the replacement batteries.  I guess in the future, I'll make sure to check the backup batteries too.

So that is the way it goes.

PS: After a little testing at home, it seems the problem might actually be the second battery holder rather than the backup batteries.


I issued a "2" beach detecting conditions rating for the Treasure Coast yesterday.  That rating is heavily based upon a couple beaches that are producing.  Most beaches are not very good right now. If I was to rate the beach that is producing the most own, it would get something more like a 3 or 4 rating, but my overall rating takes into account the overall condition of beaches along the Treasure Coast, so that rating is lower than if I rated only the beaches that are producing.

In the past couple of days some nice shipwreck finds have been made.

Conditions are spotty.  Most beaches are not producing - only a few are.  I'm sticking with my "2" beach detecting conditions rating for now.

Some beaches have been opening up for a few days then closing for a few days and then opening again.  That isn't all bad, especially coming off of a couple very slow winters.  I think this winter is going to be pretty good.  At least it is off to a better start this year.


The surf will decrease tomorrow, and for several days we will have a 3 foot or less surf.

Happy hunting,