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12/28/15 Report - Beaches Around The Treasure Coast. A Few Interesting Spots. How To Display And Wear Your Own Favorite Finds.

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Two Detectorists and Family Near Low Tide Yesterday
There were really a lot of beach goers on the Treasure Coast yesterday.  And as you can see, there were a lot of detectorists too.  These guys looked like they might have got new detectors for Christmas.

A lot of snow birds are in town now.

I hated the sun and heat.  Give me wind, clouds and rain.  I like that much better.

Broad Flat Front Beach Near Low Tide Yesterday
This low front beach didn't look all bad.  It might have been worth checking with a good deep seeking detector.  I wouldn't be shocked if a few old items were found.

Rocks Showing Near Low Tide At Another Beach
This beach was not like the one shown at the top of the page.  It was softer and a little more convex.

There were some small less than one-foot cuts along the top of the beach here.  The cut ran for miles. This beach is actually getting back close to where it was years ago.  The rocks also show that the beach is back farther than it has been.  Additionally, up the beach a ways there was a definite dip that would definitely be worth checking.  I didn't have time yesterday when I was there.

Thanks to the full moon, we've been having some nice high tides and even some negative low tides.

Yesterday I found a nice old pot shard and a small old fossil just walking the beach without my detector.

I'm keeping my Treasure Coast beach conditions rating at a 1 but there are still some interesting spots out there.


Have you ever wanted to get your favorite coin mounted so you could wear and display it?  Maybe you've seen cobs or other coins mounted in expensive custom-made mounts.  There are other options. You don't have to spend a lot to wear your own finds.

Here is something neat.  It is a floating charm locket.

Floating Charm Locket With Top Off.
The front and back is transparent, and the front screws off so you can insert whatever small item will fit.  In the above picture, I am showing a two reale that was found last month.

Floating charm lockets come in different sizes.  The two reale fits in this one very nicely.

Display one coin one day and another some other day.  It is easy enough to switch items.

Locket With Reale Ready To Be Used As Pendant.
All you have to do is insert the item and screw the top on.

You can also get ready made bevels of different types that will fit coins.  Some are made of gold and other materials.

Rio Grande is a company that sells a large variety of such things.


I'm glad I can present authoritative research like Laura Strolia's article on the Potosi heart-shaped cobs. You won't find that information just anywhere.  It is original research that extends the existing body of knowledge.

Thanks Laura.

You might want to read her book on the Marigalera of the 1715 Fleet.  You can find it for purchase online.

You can also search this blog for her other writings that I have posted.


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