Tuesday, December 29, 2015

12/29/15 Report - Beaches and Rocks. Entertaining Angels Unaware.

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Morning Clouds On A Treasure Coast Beach
Small Rocks and Stones On Treasure Coast Beach.
I haven't been talking much about how sand and things move on a beach.  I will be talking about beach profiles and similar things again soon.

Here is a picture showing a beach where stones were accumulating on a beach.  They were up to about a foot and a half in diameter.  It is just an indication of how things like that are washing up at that location.  And as I've said many times, it has to do with density and size and shape - not weight. There might be other things washing up nearby.

Sometimes it appears that unmoved rocks were uncovered, when actually they washed up or out.

Expect a few days of three foot surf.

I have some recent finds to show - both old and modern.  I'll get around to that some day soon.


I really enjoy Christmas and always have.  After all of the excitement, people tend to slow down a bit and reflect on the old year and think about the possibilities for the new year.  That is what I've been doing.

One thing I was thinking about is how some people seem to be like black holes.  No matter what you do for them or give them, all the good will is quickly consumed and disappears.  They aren't grateful.  They aren't thankful.  They don't appreciate what people do for them.  They somehow feel short-changed and have a very negative view of other people and the world. As a result, they are critical, nasty and create ill-will when and where they could just as easily create good will.

Unlike those people, there are grateful generous people who appreciate what you do for them, and they multiply it, giving it out again many times over and as a result receive more themselves.

The phrase "angels unaware" has been on my mind.   It comes from a Bible passage that warns people to be hospitable because you never know when a stranger might actually be an angel.  The Hebrew and Greek words translated "angel" in the Bible also means "messenger."

It doesn't matter if you believe in angelic beings walking the earth or not, the more general point is that you never know who a stranger might be and what opportunity or gift they might represent.  As a result, taking a person too lightly or dismissing them as unimportant or insignificant is an easy way to miss an opportunity.

I'm not just moralizing here.  This applies very much to metal detecting and treasure hunting..

I remember one time when I was looking out over a beach on a stormy day and another fellow came up and starting talking to me.  He told me something that I knew was clearly wrong. It had to do with the location of a treasure wreck.  He got insulted that I didn't agree with him.  He evidently got angry and went off muttering something or other.  I was just trying to tell him what I believed to be the case.  He took it as an insult.

There are times when opportunities stand right in front of you and you don't realize it and as a result miss out.  I'm sure I've done it many times myself.

It is like the waitress that served my family and I on Christmas Eve.  She was pleasant, attentive and went beyond what she had to do and as a result got two or three times the tip she would have received otherwise.  She had been working very long hours and it would have been very easy for her to feel tired, over-worked, agitated, get nasty and rude and miss out.

Pioneering treasure hunter Art McKee was well known for his generosity and willingness to share, He often met tourists who pulled into the parking lot of his treasure museum, and even if the museum was closed, he would sometimes give personal tours.  Many stories were told by people who pulled into the parking lot and without knowing who he was, struck up a conversation and ended up receiving a personal tour or even a chance to dive on one of his sites. Others didn't recognize him and paid him no attention and quickly drove off, missing the chance of a lifetime.

Often a conversation with a stranger on the beach will result in a good tip.  Don't do it for that reason though.  It seems to work much better when your motives are not selfish.  When you are giving, that makes others feel like giving too.

There is no way to know how many such opportunities you might have missed.  I do know of many times when I was eager to help someone in one way or another, perhaps with a gift or assistance but then some rude or dismissive action killed the opportunity.

There are reasons that some people seem to receive a lot more than others.  It is not all just an accident. Some people by their generosity and positive attitude tend to draw good to them, while others seem to repel what they are seeking.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not saying that only good people do well in life and if life has been tough for you, it is your fault.  Sometimes it is, but sometimes it isn't.  It is not all about trying to get the most you can for yourself.  It isn't all about material gain and worldly success. If you read me that way, you are not getting all of what I am saying.

You never know who a stranger might be or what opportunity they might represent.  There might actually be an angel of sorts at your door.  Don't turn him or her away.  A rude comment or selfish attitude might cost you much more than you could ever guess.

Respect others.  Don't be eager to find fault or take offense.  Build up a bubble of goodwill around you by being kind, forgiving, generous and seeking to appreciate the good qualities of others. 


Happy hunting,