Monday, December 21, 2015

12/20/15 Report - Some Sand Sifting But Beach Conditions Not Much Improved Today.

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South of the Turtle Trail Access This Morning.

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I went out this morning to see if the beaches improved any more.  The answer was not much.

One location where there was a cut (one that I showed yesterday) the cut was filled in today.  The sand shifted.  A spot just to the north lost about a half of foot of sand, but just to the south where the cut was, the cut filled in again.

You can see the area south of Turtle Trail above.

Now the wind has shifted some more and is coming from a more of a southerly direction.  I'm not expecting much improvement to our beaches now.

The tides haven't been big lately.

I just took a look at a few beaches.  There may be some good spots somewhere, but overall conditions aren't much good in my opinion.

I'm sticking with a 1 beach conditions rating.

The surf is going to be in the range of 2 to 5 feet for a few days.

Pepper Park This Morning.
There were a few good but small dips along the coast.  Also there were a few dips forming between the beach and a sand bar.  That might create some decent water hunting when the water smooths out a little.

I'm not expecting good conditions in the next week or so, but am encouraged that we'll get some good hunting before the winter is over.

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