Saturday, December 5, 2015

12/5/15- Continuing Wind But Little Erosion On Treasure Coast.

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Here are pictures of three treasure beaches as seen this morning.  Despite the continuing wind, there was very little in the way of cuts.  Yet one spot that I could measure accurately lost about one foot of sand from the front slope since yesterday morning.  That was near a spot that was producing a week or so ago.  Since that time it had filled some, but was now about back to the level it was at when it was producing.  One big difference is that the tides are not as big now and the water is not getting up as high on the beach.  You'll notice the sea weed near the top of the slope.

The top and middle of the beach was pretty clean.  There was some black sand.  Except for some big junk, most targets, and all the good targets that I found were down at the very front of the beach where you could only get at low tide.

One interesting thing I noticed was that down about a foot under the surface of the sand was another layer of black sand.  The deeper level was heavy and thick.

Although a lot of you have been reading this blog for years, some of you have not.  As a result I need to describe my beach detecting conditions rating scale.  The rating scale does NOT rate the chances of finding modern coins or items.  The rating scale is for old cobs and artifacts.  It takes better conditions to find the older materials, and it happens much less often.

You'll often find more modern items whenever the beach gets stirred up a little.  I've written quite a bit about coin lines and coin holes, which most often hold more modern items.  It takes much more to produce items that are hundreds of years old. My rating scale is not about finding pennies, nickles, dimes and quarter.

A "1" rating, as you probably know, indicates poor conditions for finding a cob or treasure coin on a Treasure Coast beach.

I have been pretty conservative with my "2" ratings and probably will be a little more liberal with that rating in the future.  I often found myself struggling over the rating when things were improving but I wasn't sure that cobs would be found.  I will use the "2" rating to indicate exactly that type of borderline or transitional situation when conditions have improved and probably will produce a a FEW cobs on at least one beach.  Most likely only some of the Treasure Coast beaches (maybe only one) will end up actually being productive. Some beaches will be better than others, and conditions will be such that they could change at any time, either improving and becoming productive or becoming unproductive.

A "3" rating indicates conditions that will definitely produce some small number of cobs on some beaches.  A "4" will indicate conditions expected to produce larger numbers of cobs and on more beaches.

A level "5" rating indicates conditions similar to those typically found after hurricanes or extremely good conditions such as those produced by the famed Thanksgiving storm.  Those will be rare.


The wind and surf will be about the same tomorrow as it was today.  I'm sticking with my 1 rating on my beach detecting conditions scale.  I still wouldn't be at all surprised if a few cobs were found.  I only looked at a few beaches today.

Happy hunting,