Saturday, December 19, 2015

12/19/15 Report - Conditions Moving In Right Direction But Not Enough This Morning.

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One Small Cut This Morning.
The wind shifted yesterday as predicted.  I heard it all night, so when I got up I went out to check the beaches.

The first beach had previously accumulated tons of sand.  There was a small cut there less than a foot high.  That barely scratched the surface of all the new sand.

I then took a look at Turtle Trail.  There was less erosion there, but there had been less recent accumulation too.  Still it wasn't quite ready to produce, in my opinion.

You can see the black sand.  In the cut you could see the layers of black sand (shown in the picture below).

Layers of Black Sand Showing In Cut.
North of Seagrape Trail This Morning Near Low Tide.
There was very little erosion around Turtle Trail near low tide this morning.  There were some nice shell piles.

Wabasso This Morning.
In summary, it looked like it was too early.  There was a small amount of erosion but not much.

The wind is continuing from the North this afternoon and could create more erosion today and tonight.  Hard to tell if it might be enough.

The surf today is 3 - 5 feet.  Tomorrow expect 4 - 6 feet.

The wind later today will be shifting from north to northeast, then tomorrow it will be more easterly.

Monday we'll be back to a south wind.

I expect a little more improvement today and tonight.  I don't know if it will be enough.

Happy hunting,