Thursday, December 31, 2015

12/31/15 Report - Happy New Year. All-Time Most Read Posts. Higher Surf Predicted. A Few Finds.

Written by the TreasureGuide for the exclusive use of

1909 New Years Greeting Card.

To the left of this post you'll see a list of the top ten all-time posts of this blog.  One 2015 post made the list.

The list is biased towards older posts because they continue to accumulate.  It isn't easy or newer posts to make the list.

Hopefully we'll get a good start on the new year.  A 5 - 8 foot surf is now predicted for January 5. As you know the predictions aren't always correct, but if we do get something like what is predicted, there is a good chance for beach conditions to improve.  There will be a north wind or a few days too.

Some of the beaches have lost a good bit of renourishment sand, so we have a decent chance if we get some good new action.

I haven't been much interested in hunting modern jewelry lately.  I did a little though just for the heck of it and came up with a couple gold finds.  Here is one.

14K Peridot Ring Find.
Here are a few finds that although they have no value, I found a little interesting.

Old Glass
I would say this glass is at least early 20th century.  Older bottle glass is thicker than the glass in modern bottles, might have bubbles and is more variable in thickness.  Modern glass is very thin and of a uniform thickness.

White Pumice - I think.

I've been seeing white pumice on some Treasure Coast beaches lately.  Most of the pumice that I've seen in the past was dark grey.  I think that is what it is.  Pumice was used to scrub centuries ago and I suppose still is.

I'm not going to post a lot today.  Mainly wanted to say Happy New Year that a higher surf is predicted for next week.  That is something to watch.

Happy New Year,