Friday, December 25, 2015

12/25/15 Report - MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL. A few vintage Christmas Items.

Written by the TreasureGiude for the exclusive use of

1904 Christmas Card.

Metal Skater.

I know there are some people that are facing difficult situations today.  Maybe it is the recent death of a loved one, illness or family conflict.  In that case, I want to wish you the faith to get through it.

I wasn't going to do a post today but there were some Christmas things I felt like sharing.

The metal skater shown here was one of several figures that my grandma always used to create a little Christmas wonderland scene.  There was a white fuzzy cloth that served as snow, a round mirror that was the frozen pond and several other figures, mostly metal like this one.

There was also a male skater and a fellow on a sled, bottle brush trees and various animals and other things.

I remember them being used sixty years ago, so they are vintage if not antique.

They are made of lead and manufactured by Barclays.  It seems the different figures in good condition sell for something like 4  to 9 dollars.

They are of a scale that is close to O gauge trains such as Lionel and are often use in train gardens.

Those kinds of things can be found if you metal detect around older homes.

I'm glad to have these ones and the memories associated with them.

If you are old enough you might remember the little cardboard buildings that were put under the Christmas tree fifty or sixty years ago.  I believe this particular one came from my wife's family. I don't know if I can find the ones that came from my family, but I know we had some.

Notice that the windows are gone.  Children couldn't resist poking their fingers through the cellophane windows.  I bet that ninety percent of those that survived have no windows.  I think I'll try to put new windows in this one.

You can actually create new buildings like this fairly easily.  Last year my wife made one that is modeled after my actual childhood home.  It is now under the Christmas tree with the vintage ones. They happen to be close to the right scale for an HO train.

The Christmas card shown at the top of this post was sent to my grandfather from his grandmother around 1909.  On the back of the card said she would send "leggons" for him to wear to church.

That is a very collectible German post card.  One of the many types of old collectibles that I really enjoy.

Here is a quick video clip to end today.

We had a nice full moon last night and the tides are bigger.

Best wishes to all!