Monday, December 14, 2015

12/15/15 Report - Shifting Cuts and Dips. Atypical Spots Along The Treasure Coast. Decreasing Surf.

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One Treasure Coast Beach Yesterday.
Most beaches don't look very good now.  There are a few more interesting places to be found such as the cut shown below.

That cut is less than fifty yards long.  You can see about eight feet of a newly exposed log sticking out of the cliff, and the cliff is about seven feet high at the highest point.

I saw a few stumps up the beach that I hadn't seen in years.  Those places were mushy with new sand though.  I should have been there earlier.

One Treasure Coast Cut I Saw Yesterday

We've had a few direction changes in the wind and surf.  The wind changes a lot more than the surf direction.

When the surf changes direction and when any dips are not refilled by the change, the dip can move either north or south.   If the cut isn't filled completely, it might be partially filled and the low spot or hot spot in the cut can shift in one direction or another.

When a dip is caused by a north or northeast wind, if the surf changes and starts coming from the south, for example, the south side of the dip might start to fill in and the hot spot might then move to the north side of the cut.

Although I haven't been out much lately and haven't seen a lot of the beaches, I suspect that places like the one shown immediately above are very rare.

Toy Run Sunday
Sunday motorcycles stretched for several miles during the annual toy run.

The surf will be decreasing this week up until the weekend.  It is supposed to be pretty smooth Friday and then start increasing during the weekend.

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