Wednesday, December 30, 2015

12/30/15 Report - The TreasureBeachesReport Year In Review - Most Read Posts Month by Month.

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It's been quite a year.  There have been a lot of finds, including some very big ones.  I've met a lot of good people, felt like I contributed a little here and there and had a lot of fun.

I think when you get as old as me and a lot of your loved ones and friends have passed away, you get a better feel for how precious life is.

As I said the other day, this is a good time to reflect on the past and plan for the future.  I've done a little of both.  Today I decided to list the most read posts of each and every month of 2015.

Here they are.

1/2/15 Report -  2015 Beach Renourishment Projects. Dredging And Dredged Sand Around the Treasure Coast.

2/22/15 Report -  New Authoritative Research On The Gold Pelican-in-Piety Of The 1715 Fleet.

3/3/15 Report -  Two BIG gold  Metal Detector Finds!   The Will To Discover!

4/4/15 Report - $100,000 1715 Fleet Gold Bar.  Charles Garrett Gone.  More Palm Beach Renourishment.

5/25/15  Report -  Memorial Day Post

6/21/15 Report -   Crew Of Capitana Finds Gold Escudo and More.  Florida Fossils.

7/27/15 Report - MILLION DOLLARS Of Treasure Recently Found On A Treasure Coast Shipwreck Site.  The Difference Between Compact And Mushy Sand.

8/19/15 Report -   YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS!   New Treasure Finds From The Treasure Coast - Just Released.

9/8/15 Report - Excellent Silver Coin Cache Found!  Two Types of Treasure Coast Beaches. Tropical Depression Grace.

10/4/15 Report - Beach Emerald Found.  Iron Artifacts.  Don Diego De Vargas.  7 Foot Surf Predicted For Tuesday.

11/27/15 Report - Beach Detecting Conditions Rating Increased To Level 2.  Coin Clusters Being Found On T. C. Beaches.

12/11/15 Report -  Cargo On The Beach.  Treasure Comes In Many Forms.

Of course the biggest news of the year was the big find by the guys of the Capitana.  Captain Jonah, Bill and Dan came up with $4.5 million in gold coins.  You can't beat that.

There were other big finds during the year.  There were some finds that I was never able to talk about.

The list isn't very surprising to me.  There are posts about big finds, artifacts, historical research,  storms, beach renourishment and detecting conditions, and even some posts that are nothing more than my meandering thoughts.

The blog quickly blew through the 1 million hits mark this year.  I'm pleased about that because I do no marketing or anything to promote the blog.  It is all because of the content.  However, the most read post of the blog (not this year but over the entire history of the blog) was because of an article in the CNN Travel section.

I learned some things this year and will attempt to advance my understanding next year.  I'm sure some of my new friends will help me with that.  I have some definite areas for new investigations. It will be exciting.

If you are new to this blog or want to go back and review, you an easily find each of the above listed posts.  One way is to use the search box.  Usually all you will have to do is enter the date ie. 5/25/15 and that will bring up the post.

If you keep good records of your finds, it would be a good time to go back and review them and see what it might tell you.

Some people made great gains in one way or another this year.  I'm happy about that.  I like to see people progress an succeed, especially when I feel I might have contributed in some small way.

I know I'm a day early but Happy New Year.