Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11/12 Report - Beach Conditions and Finds

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One beach this morning that had been freshened up a bit.
Well, the change in wind that I was waiting for happened but didn't improve the beaches.  There are still some old cuts out there that the water hit just enough to freshen up a bit, but not much, and some new things appeared in front of those cuts.

Although most of the big shell piles are gone, and the shells that remain have been there for a while, there were still some shells and a few miscellaneous objects in and around the remaining shells.

We now have Tropical Depression 14.  It appears to be following Michael and Leslie to the North and away from us.

I don't expect any significant change in the surf for the next few days.

Bones apparently from an old Native American burial site were recently dug up by a construction project near Sebastian Inlet.

Here is the link provided by Joan T.   Thanks Joan.


Seven inch long tapered iron object.

Anyone have any ideas what this might be?  It definitely appears that it was constructed with a taper - not corroded into that shape.
I did see a picture of a wood spindle of the same size and shape but don't have any idea if they were ever made of iron.
14K Ring.

And here is another find.   You can see what it is.

If you find a lot of men's bands but few small ladies rings, you could be using too much discrimination.

Ladies rings with gem stones are often very small.

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