Monday, September 17, 2012

9/17/12 Report - Ecclesiastical Artifacts Found

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Ecclesiastical Artifacts Found.
These 14th or 15th Century ecclesiastical artifacts were recently found under the ruins of an abbey. 

The article, with this photo and others, was published in The Independent.

Now the search is on to figure out who owned these artifacts.

Click here to go to that article.

If you look at eBay, one seller now has listed for sale a couple of olive jar pot shards and a couple ballast stones listed.   You might want to take a look.   They can be easily found by searching, "1715 Fleet."  

I've been asked what ballast stones look like, so if you want to see a couple, there they are.  Of course, ballast comes in a large number or varieties.

People occasionally ask where they can rent metal detectors in the Treasure Coast area.   I give the one place that I know about, but if you know where detectors can be rented, let me know and I can post those.

I've also had people ask about where they can get detectors repaired other than the manufacturer.   I never found any detector repair repair shops.  If you know of any, let me know and I can post them too.

Turtle Trail Looking South.
Mike H. sent in the following photo near Turtle Trail looking south.  It was taken this weekend near low tide.

Mike reported just the small cut towards the back of the beach, and said the mushy sand was gone. 

I think what you see is the trucked-in sand.  It is a white fine powdery sand.  It will pack relatively hard.

Mike said there were junk targets and noticed the sea weed starting to come in.

Thanks Mike.  I appreciate receiving photos and reports from around the Treasure Coast.  I can't be everywhere.

I don't publish all the photos that I receive - not because they aren't good or anything like that, but sometimes I can't fit it in with what I have or for one reason or another just can't use it.   Sometimes I even have technical difficulties.  Sometimes I forget, and sometimes things just don't work.   But I always appreciate submissions.

Nothing interesting going on in the tropics.

On the Treasure Coast, the wind is from the southeast again.  That's not good.

The seas are down a little to around 3 to 4 feet today, and will continue to decrease for a few days.

The high tides have been fairly high lately.  Los tide this afternoon is around 3:30 PM.

That's it for today.

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