Wednesday, September 12, 2012

9/12/12 Report - Wreck of the USS Hatteras, Old Button & Gold Found.

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Typical Treasure Coast Beach Yesterday

After I had been to the beach yesterday, I came home and the wind really picked up and came in from the Northeast.   That was a dirty trick.  I was there too early.  I doubt that it was enough to move all of that built up sand anyhow, but I would have liked to have been there after the wind instead of before. 

Here is what one beach looked like yesterday before the wind picked up.   There is a lot of sand on the front beach and I suspect that it would take more than what happened yesterday to move it significantly.  Nonetheless, there may be some new spots worth detecting today.  I've been showing that finds of various kinds have been coming from the Treasure Coast beaches even if there haven't been any treasure coins recently that I know about.

The remains of an iron-hulled Union gunboat, the USS Hatteras, was recently uncovered in the Gulf near Galveston after a storm and was discovered by an underwater photographer.  The hatteras was sunk by the Confederate CSS Alabama on Jan. 11, 1863.

Archaeologists are attempting to map the wreck site before the wreck disappears again.

Here is the link for more on that story.

William M. found another nice early 19th Century button.   It looks like it could be a Dragoon button. 

He used white powder to better show the details for the photo.  I think you can see the eagle.

Nice find William.

The other day I dug what looked like part of the metal part of a shotgun shell.  Embossed on it was Orton Red Meteor.   A little research quickly revealed that it was from a flare, not a shotgun shell.

14K Ear Ring
And here is another gold find from the Treasure Coast.  This is a nice heavy ear ring.  High quality I would say.   

Some ear rings are as heavy as some finger rings.       

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