Saturday, September 15, 2012

9/15/12 Report - Seas 4 to 6 Feet and Detecting Conditions Rating Unchanged

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Gold Ear Ring
It rained heavily some places on the Treasure Coast in the AM hours up until about 6:45.   Rain can cause erosion too, especially to the dunes and to some inland locations. Check out any erosion for newly exposed old items.

Rain also tends to smooth the seas a bit.

We have a hurricane, Nadine, and a tropical wave about eight hundred miles east of the Windward Isles. Nadine is headed away from us, but I have no idea where the tropical wave will go at this point. It is worth watching.

The seas today will be four to six feet along the Treasure Coast today and tomorrow and then decreasing for a few days.

I’ll stick with my level 2 Treasure coast beach detecting conditions rating for today.

Low tide will be about 2 or 2:30 PM today.

Back a few days ago I posted a photo of a tapered iron object that was about seven inches long. Bill P., who wrote the coin cleaning instructions posted in my treasure links list, thought it might it might be a fid.

In case you don’t know, and I didn’t, a fid is used to splice rope. It is typically tapered and has a point at one end to insert in the rope and force the strands of a rope apart. The object does appear to be about the right shape. That is the best idea I’ve received on that object.  Thanks Bill.
Above is a photo of an ear ring that was detected on a Treasure Coast beach.  It tests above 18K.  The type of clasp is typical of some old ear rings, yet it just looks too nice to be very old.  Of course gold will stay nice under the right conditions.

Note the clasp, which appears to be unlike most modern ear ring clasps. The ear ring has no markings. The design looks like it might be identifiable. If anyone recognizes it, please let me know what it represents. The front appears to be a flame.

The price of gold and other commodities is going up again. The Fed is printing more money to disguise the poor economy before the elections. That devalues the dollar and makes everything, including food and gasoline more expensive. The old virtues of work and save are being punished while borrow and spend appear to be the new virtues. That dollar you worked to put in your pocket is now worth less, and if you saved anything, you’ll get practically no interest at all on that money. That really hurts anyone who saved for their retirement.

Gold is now up to $1770 per ounce, and silver $34.68.

As I said yesterday, there was a lot of sand moved the past few days. Check out areas that were eroded by Isaac and don’t forget to check out newly rain eroded areas.

Happy hunting,