Friday, September 21, 2012

9/21/12 Report - Treasure Coast Emerald & West Coast Shell

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Emerald Found on Treasure Coast Beach
I've previously reported on raw emeralds being found on some of the Treasure Coast beaches.  It appears that one example is now for sale on eBay.

The listing says, Up for auction is this rare 1.45 carat (5x6x8mm) rough (uncut) Colombian Muzo Mine Emerald which was recovered from the beach just inshore from the 1715 Fleet shipwreck called the "Cannon Pile Wreck" which lies in the near shore waters off of Treasure Shores Park, Vero Beach, Florida.

Here is the link.

The listing says that the emerald was discovered while someone was looking for sharks teeth.  There is another good reason to keep your eyes peeled while detecting.

Ted B. sent in a report from the West Coast of Florida - Pinellas County to be more precise.  Ted said, Unfortunately, the county started a beach re-nourishment project that has since covered the beach with about 3 feet of new sand. They feathered it out into the water. To get to any clean areas you can only go at very low tide or hunt in water up to your neck.

Thanks for the report Ted.   Before the beach replenishment there, Ted found the WW II shell pictured here.   You can find them many places in Florida, with heavier concentrations at some beach locations.  

Find and Photo by Ted B.
If you are new to this blog or don't remember, I once posted how you can tell the date and place of manufacture from the letters and numbers on these shells.  You can see that this one is from 1943.

On the Treasure Coast today we have winds from the East and one to two foot seas.  The seas will stay around that for a day or two and then start to increase a bit Sunday and up to about five feet on Monday, decreasing after that again.

Low tide today on the Treasure Coast is around 7 PM.

There is one low pressure area in the Atlantic, east of the Carolinas, just sitting there.  The only change has been an increased probability of it turning into a cyclone (50% now).  

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