Tuesday, September 4, 2012

9/4/12 Report - Ten Foot Seas Predicted for Sunday

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Odd Ring Design

We have two tropical storms, Leslie and Michael.  Leslie is expected to become a hurricane.  Although both are expected to stay far out in the Atlantic, it looks like we'll get some good waves off of Leslie.

The surf web sites are predicting ten foot seas Sunday.  That is more than we've had for quite a while.  Don't expect a lot of increase until Friday or Saturday.  After Sunday, they'll start to decrease again.

The high tides are getting pretty high on the beach today.  There are a lot of shell piles.   I saw fossils, sea glass, and copper and iron artifacts this morning.   Unfortunately no ceramics.

If you like shells or fossils it is a good time to go out.  The combination of high tides and south winds are bringing them in.  I'd expect pretty much the same until Friday when the waves will start to increase even more.

I'd expect some good cuts after Sunday, especially in areas where Isaac took sand away.

Above is an unusual ring that I found.  I haven't tested it yet, but it appears to be gilded.  Just an unusual design. 

It had some very small clear cut stones in it.  Undoubtedly not real old, but not real modern either.  I'd like to hear from anyone that has any ideas about the design or age of the ring.

Yesterday I posted some pictures of a few small finds.  Here are two of them, top and bottom.

Both items appear to be brass.


The first (left) appears to simply be a rivet, not heavy duty.  Probably from furniture or something like that.

The second is from the end of a pocket knife, something like the one shown below, but not exactly.

If you like shells or fossils, today and tomorrow will be good times to go out. 

I might show some new fossil finds and some other things tomorrow.

And keep watching.  If things turn out as predicted, we might have some good hunting later Sunday.

Happy hunting,