Friday, September 28, 2012

9/28/12 Report - Mixed Metal Detector Finds From One Mainland Site

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Today I’ve decided to show some more finds from a mainland hunt for a variety of reasons. One is to further illustrate the point that just because a site is old, not all finds at the site will be old.

Most spots that were used years ago have been used since, sometimes nearly continuously. Therefore, very often you’ll find more recent finds and have to remove a lot of more recent stuff before you get to the older finds, which tend to be deeper and give softer signals.

The weights found vary from 2.5 pounds to 8 pounds.  Most had the weight marked.

Most also showed a patent date.  The date on the bottom weight in the photo above is the clearest and seems to read July 3, 84.  That weight is a six pound weight. 

A well-used and heavily corroded chisel is shown below that weight.

Dug Toy Tractor
Most of the first finds made at this site appeared to be from the 1970s. Not very old at all, but then there were the older finds, such as the 1902 nickel.

A number of coins from the seventies were found, along with some other things that are easy to date, such as the nice metal tractor shown here.

And below is a vintage item. I take it to be a hook for hanging coats and hats or something.

Vintage Dug Hook.

Just a few examples today.  I’ll show a few of the more interesting finds in the future. I want to do some more research first, and I still need to take some good photos.

Aquanut, who hosts the annual Treasure Coast Treasure Hunters picnic, sent me the following news.

I thought you might want to know...

Tom Gidus, a friend to many of us has been diagnosed with Colon Cancer. We in the treasure hunting community need to band together to help one of our own. I've proposed a Cure Mad4Wrecks Cancer cookout on Treasurenet because, of course, the many members there that know him personally. I hope you guys here will support the effort also.

Here's what I put on the Shipwrecks forum:

Tom, You've always been a great presence at the Treasure Hunter's Cookouts. I want to do what I can to help. Although this isn't exactly a celebration, a benefit for one of our best might generate some money to keep you treasure hunting with us. With some help from our friends, what say you all to having a cookout and invite all our friends in the Treasure Hunting community to a Cure Mad4Wrecks Cancer cookout! I know most of us TH'rs aren't rich, but we all know someone who is. Get 'em to come! I'll put it together with what little I have and we'll party next month! Nothing we're doing could possibly be more important. Suggestions are welcome!


I’m sorry to hear the sad news but am also optimistic about a complete cure.

I know that notices posted on this blog get a lot of action. 

The seas along the Treasure Coast are down to 2 - 3 feet today, with north winds in the morning, turning more east in the afternoon. Not much change for the next few days.

Conditions remain about the same.

Low tide this afternoon will be just after 1:30.

Happy hunting,