Saturday, September 8, 2012

9/8/12 Report - Head High Waves and Good Surfing on the Treasure Coast

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Green Turtle Beach Near High Tide Showing Old Cut.

Today there were a lot of surfers out -  more than I've seen in quite a while.  There was good reason too.  The waves were breaking really nice.  The best looking surfing waves I"ve seen  in quite some time.  That is the result of Leslie and a West wind.  

Despite the overhead waves, I didn't see anything happening to the beaches along South Hutchinson Island.  At high tide the water was just getting up to the base of the old cuts.  I didn't see anything that would lead me to believe that detecting conditions are improving yet.  Nothing!

The surfers and beach goers undoubtedly dropped a few things.

There were a couple of small spots worth scanning with a detector, but not much hope of treasure coins in my opinion.  The few small cuts that I did see were in new sand above a lot of newly piled up sand.

Of course there might be some better spots out there, but I didn't find them today, and I didn't see enough hope to spend too much time looking.

South of Ft. Pierce Jetty. A Little Action at High Tide Line.
 There are still things washing around in the low tide one - shells and that sort of thing but nothing really new.

I've I'm posting a few photos to give you an idea of what I saw.

Yesterday I gave an opinion of the previous day's mystery object and said that it could be a sounding lead.   I also gave a web site link provided by John L.   If you went to that site, you might have noticed that the mystery object was not made exactly like those pictured at the web site.  What I forgot to mention is that we think that the mystery object could have been improvised out of materials on hand. I don't think I made it clear, even though Trae provided excellent pictures, that the mystery object was made of a sheet of lead folded over and beat together.  But what I want to point out now is some of John's additional comments concerning the improvised sounding lead.  Here they are.

Surfers & Bathers Enjoying Six Foot Waves at Walton Rocks.

What makes me think it might be a leadline is the fact that it is a crude one that likely suffered from the owner/maker's failure to properly guard against chafe of the line in and around the hole/attachment point.

A common mistake is to just tie a knot in the line at the hole. Unfortunately any movement of the line in the hole would invariably chafe the line, eventually severing it, resulting in the loss of the lead.

Leadlines that were not homemade, addressed this problem efficiently as you can see from the leather wrapped around the hole in the photos on the link sent previously.

Thanks once again John.

We have to remember that no matter how well provisioned these ships might have been, many of the losses came as the result of the very extreme circumstances of storm, shipwreck, and being stranded on strange shores, making improvisation very common and necessary.

A black lab trained to find bones for archaeologists, has found 600 year old bones buried nearly two meters.  That seems astounding. to me.

Here is the link to that story.

To sum things up, even though the seas are relatively high, I'm not expecting much improvement in beach conditions until possibly later Monday when the wind shifts around and starts coming out of the Northeast. 

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