Sunday, September 16, 2012

9/16/12 Report - Beach Detecting Conditions Downgrade

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An 89 year-old Vero Beach WW II fighter pilot was recently reunited with the foot locker he lost back in the 1940s.   The trunk full of belongings from the past arrived at his door last week, thanks to a fellow who tracked him down and sent the trunk.

Cool story.  Here is the link.

Seas are predicted to be 4 to 6 feet today on the Treasure Coast. The seas will decrease daily until next weekend when they will be down around 1 to 3 feet.

Most of the cuts that existed yesterday and the day before have disappeared. I’m dropping my Treasure Coast Treasure Beach Detecting Conditions Rating back to a 1.

Yesterday I mentioned that rain can cause erosion too. And yesterday, the most interesting hunting that I did was on the face of rain soaked dune cliffs and in gullies where the previous nights rain ran off. There were places were the dune faces were falling off and exposing old items. Don’t underestimate the value of erosion from rain.

The tropical scene remains unchanged. There still is that one area down by the West Indies that could develop, but it is only a 10% chance right now. Still don’t know which direction it will go.

Above is a photo that shows where there was a nice three foot cut the day before yesterday. It is now sloped. You can see where the sand went. The sand that was piled in front of this beach is now out in thshallow water, making a low flat beach at low tide, as shown.

The sand has been coming and going here for a couple of months now. Just the same old sand being pulled down and then piled up again when the wind shifts.

Some modern finds were being made in the low flat area that came from recent drops in the sand that was pulled down. Also junk.

Below is photo of another beach yesterday near low tide. This beach did not erode at all in the past few days. That is the way it is. Erosion is often very spotty.

And below is a picture of a recent find. Just a small modern gold and emerald ring. One of the emeralds is missing. Remember what I told you about having a small plastic bag to store items like this. The stones can fall out at any time. If you don’t have them in a bag, you can easily lose the stones. Of course some stones are already gone, but you don’t want to lose those that remain.

This is such a small ring, that it could very easily get missed if you are using too much discrimination, or just not detecting very well.

Keep your coil close to the ground and move slowly.
I haven’t talked lately about checking for your optimal sweep speed. Take a small gold object like this, or whatever type of object you are targeting, and put it on the ground. Sweep your coil over the object at various speeds, fast, slow and in between, and notice when you get the best signal. That is probably your best sweep speed. Practice sweeping at that speed until you have it down.

14K Emerald Ring
It is not a bad idea to do that every once in a while to make sure you are using something close to the best sweep speed. It does make a difference. Some people want the absolute best depth out of their detector, buy a great detector, spend all kinds of time no the settings, and then sweep way to fast or slow.

I'm glad we're moving out of summer conditons.   We usually get a good productive Northeaster in October or November.

Happy hunting,