Monday, September 3, 2012

9/3/12 Labor Day Report - Old Shipwreck, Buck and Ball, and Ring Storage

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A good way to store rings or other finds that have gem stones is in a stapled plastic bag.  Gem stones, especially small gem stones from older rings, can easily come out and get lost.  By storing the ring in a plastic bag, even if a stone comes off it will remain safe in the plastic bag.

I prefer to use a small bag, roll the top over a few times and staple it along the top.  Of course there are zip bags that will do the job too.

The photo shows one example.

Also, take a bag to the beach to store rings after they are dug.  Stones will often come out of their setting and will easily get lost.

I mentioned buck and ball the other day.  An example of each is shown in the second photo.

Typically there would be one larger musket ball, and on top of that would be a few smaller balls that would spread out when fired and give a shot gun type of effect.

The larger ball in this photo is as dug, while the buck shot have been cleaned.

Hurricane Isaac washed the remains of one civil war era wreck onto a beach in Alabama.   A real nice section is nicely preserved. 
Here is the link provided by L. B.
Thanks L. B.

Tropical Storm Leslie is headed into the North Atlantic, and another low pressure zone will probably follow Leslie.

Seas are predicted to be a little higher today - about two to three feet.  They'll increase daily up to the weekend.  Hopefully we'll get some erosion during the weekend.

A series of erosion events can have a significant cumulative effect, especially when the beaches don't fill too much in between events.  

With the sand bars in front of the beach and all of the accumulated summer sand, it will probably take a a lot of erosion before we see large numbers of shipwreck finds.
Low tide today will be about 4:40 PM.

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