Thursday, September 6, 2012

9/6/12 Report - New Shipwreck Possibly Found, New Finds & Higher Seas

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Finds and Photo by Trae R.
Here are some recent beach finds made by Trae R. down in the Keys.  He is wondering if anyone might have some thoughts on the identity of the lead piece.  It is a single piece folded over and drilled. 

The small piece of pottery looks to me like K'ang Hsi.   The items are from the vicinity of a 1733 wreck.

Nice finds Trae.

Beach detecting conditions haven't changed much on the Treasure Coast yet.  A lot of the beaches have filled a good bit since Isaac. 

There are still a lot of shells, sea glass, fossils, etc. on the beaches.  (See photo below.)

Maybe you don't look for those, but you can get a few dollars out of some sea glass and fossils.  They also provide valuable clues to what items are in the vicinity and how they are being distributed on the beach.

I have a lot of pictures of fossil and other finds to post some time but have too many other photos to post today.
The seas will increase Friday and Saturday, now predicted to peak  late Saturday and early Sunday at about seven feet.  We are once again seeing that the models used by the surf web sites have a tendency to moderate some as the time draws nearer to predicted high seas.

Green Turtle Beach Yesterday

It looks like the wind will remain mostly from the South during the period of high seas.  Not long to wait now.

In the mean time, my Treasure Coast Treasure Beach Detecting Conditions Rating remains at a 1 (poor).

It isn't that bad for miscellaneous finds, but as you probably know, my rating scale gives the conditions for finding cobs and treasure coins.  Conditions for that remains poor.

From this scatter pattern it looks like the Dare, in their search for the Lost Merchant, might have found a shipwreck.  Notice the grouped hits towards the middle of the map.

Picture from Mel Fisher organization via email.
The photo shows both mag and sonar hits.

I'm eager to see what this weekend might bring.  I hope it is not a fizzle.

If you have any thoughts on Trae's lead item, let me know.

Happy hunting,