Wednesday, September 5, 2012

9/5/12 Report - Recent Finds Including Nice 18th Century Button

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Finds and Photo by Will R.
In the past couple of weeks there have been some nice finds including multiple 18th Century buttons, musket balls, a few cobs, and a good many fossils.

Here is a photo of some great finds by Will R.   Included is a very nice 18th Century button, musket balls, and thimble.

The button is described as follows in the Spanish Colonial Military Artifacts web site that you'll find listed in my Treasure Site Link List on this blog.   There are a lot of very useful links for you to check out there.

Here is what that site says about the button.

San Agustín, ca. 1700-1740

Presently known only in the small sizes shown, the San Agustín group includes two subtypes: Round (left) and Octagonal (right). Both types have flat, usually thick body profiles with steeply beveled outer edges and integrally cast shanks with drilled eyes. Distribution is heavily focused in eastern Florida. Examples of the octagonal subtype have been recovered from the 1733 Plate Fleet. Originally lightly gilded, many of these appear to have been made as connected elements that were snapped apart and filed smooth along connection edges after casting.

Nice find and good research by Will. 

The tropical scene hasn't changed much.  Leslie is still headed north along with Michael.

Here is one fossil find by Joan T.  It's a horse tooth.  They are relatively common along some Treasure Coast beaches.

Fossil Horse Tooth Find and Photo by Joan T.

As you might know, horses were once native to Florida but died out and then were reintroduced by the Spanish.

As I said yesterday, there are a lot of shells and fossils on some Treasure Coast beaches right now.

I'll have more finds to show you tomorrow.

Seas for today are expected to be around three to five feet with the wind from the South.  That probably means continued accumulation of shells and lighter materials on some beaches.

The wind will remain from the South until one period Monday and Tuesday when North/Northeast winds are expected.  I'd rather have more North/Northeast winds and fewer South winds.

And I see that all too familiar pattern of the surf web sites decreasing the predicted peak seas.  Now instead of ten foot seas on Sunday, the peak is at nine feet.  I hope those predictions aren't decreased any more as Sunday approaches.

I'm particularly interested in the time Monday and Tuesday when North winds are predicted even though the seas will not be quite as high as Sunday. 

Low tide this afternoon will be around 6 PM.

Happy hunting,