Friday, January 1, 2016

1/1/16 Report - Welcome 2016! Make It Special. Tomorrow's Cherished Memories Are Made Today. Bigger Surf Predicted. Beach Renourishment Started.

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Just the other day I opened an old tattered box and a flood of memories spilled out.  In the box was a couple of small plastic cows, a couple of plastic horses, reindeers, mostly with one antler missing, a bigger cute plastic dog, metal chicken, and the metal skater I showed a couple of days ago.  What a bunch of junk!  That is how some people would see it, but to me it was like I was opening a box of gold, frankincense or myrrh.  They were more than items.  They were memories - very special memories.

I discovered the items when getting the Christmas decorations out of a closet for my elderly mother. The items had survived a number of moves and a trip from up north.  They had made it through at least three generations.

My grandmother originally bought them.  She liked special occasions and spared no effort to make times special.  She is gone, grandpap is gone and dad is gone, but those little objects and the attached memories survived.  Those worthless beat-up objects are in a way more valuable to me now than diamonds or gold.  They remind me of Christmases long ago and far away.  They had a place in grandma's house, and they have a place in my cherished memories.

Those memories are mine.  My mother is the only living person that shares them today.  My wife had similar objects and has similar memories, but not the same.  When I am gone, those memories of Christmas at grandma's house will be gone too.

Sorry for being a sentimentalist during this holiday season, but there is a point that is important for metal detecting and treasure hunting.

Items are not just items.  The items you find were once a part of someone's life.  They were a part of their story.  Finds that might not mean much to you might have meant a lot to someone else.

An item doesn't have to be worth a lot to mean a lot to someone.  Sometimes the more valuable items are actually less significant.  It depends on the person, their situation and the story that goes with the item.

I have mixed feelings about finding valuable modern jewelry.  Any item, valuable or not, might have meant a lot to the original owner, and very often there is no way to find the original owner. Returned or not, a lost item does no one any good, and a found item could possibly be returned.

Old items may not have an attachment to any living person, but they still have a story.  It might be more difficult to uncover that story, and the story might not be as personal, but it can be significant. I've posted research that attempted to uncover and present the story of some exceptional artifacts.

One point that I want to make today is that for me the story is more important than the economic value of the item no matter if the item is old or new.  It is about finding that link.

An old military dog tag can be a cherished item for a family member.  The same goes for an old finger ring.

When you dig up an item, remember that it was a part of someone's life and has a story of its own to tell.

The other thing I want to say as we begin a brand new year is that tomorrow's memories are made today.  Make as many special memories as you can, and preserve them as well as you can.


I was thinking about making some predictions for 2016.  One of them would have definitely been beach renourishment projects starting again.  It has already started.  Jason T. sent me an email and said,  Here is some imfo on dune renourishment in Palm Beach County. Its happening on Singer Island right now. 1 month of work 60,000 tons of sand from a inland source. They started from south end John D. MacArthur State park to North end of Ocean Reef park..

Here is a video clip on that.

Another prediction I would have made is some improved beach hunting this winter before the renourishment projects get into full swing.


We have a small surf now, but Tuesday they are predicting up to an 8 foot surf and up to a 10 foot surf for Wednesday.  That is looking good and is something to watch.

Happy New Year,