Wednesday, January 13, 2016

1/13/16 Report - Lots of Sand on Treasure Coast Treasure Beaches. Orange Sand. Grinding Crust. A Shard.

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John Brooks Beach Yesterday Afternoon.

Its baaaaaack.  I'm talking about the sand.

I looked at four treasure beaches yesterday afternoon and each one had a lot of new sand on it.

Turtle Trail, which I've  been talking about a lot, has so much newly accumulated sand that the blue bags that were exposed a few days ago, are now completely covered again.  The black sand had disappeared too.

South of Turtle Trail Yesterday Afternoon.

The other beaches were similar.  There was a light beige new sand on all of them, and the beaches were now convex.

It is always helpful to have some rocks, stumps, posts or anything that you can use to judge the changing level of sand.

There weren't any shells to speak of either.

North of Seagrape Trail Yesterday Afternoon.

John Brooks, Turtle Trail, Seagrape Trail and Wabasso beaches all looked very similar with tons of new light beige sand.

The beach front at John Brooks was firm.  I dug a hole to see what was underneath.  In the first foot there was nothing but more of the same sand.

Wabasso Beach Yesterday Afternoon
I don't think I posted this shard yet.  It was found about a week ago.

I tried a different way to remove crust from heavily encrusted objects.  I used a grinder, like you would use to sharpen tools.  It worked well for removing the bulk.  Of course you should be careful to not hit the object inside.  This method is pretty fast.

I intended to take pictures of the orangish sand that was uncovered at Turtle Trail in recent weeks, but it got covered up again.  The old sand was showing below the renourishment at the bottom of the cliff.  It was also seen under just a few inches of sand on the beach in front of the cliff.

That older sand could have been the source of some of the finds.  If not, it was certainly a sign that a lot of the renourishment sand at that location had been removed.

The other beaches were not eroded down to the old orange sand, and as far as I know, were not producing.

I hope you took the time to take a look at the thesis I mentioned yesterday.  It contains a wealth of great information, including a lot about armaments.

The surf on the Treasure Coast is now down to 3 - 4 feet and will continue decreasing until it is down to 1 foot by Sunday.

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