Tuesday, January 26, 2016

1/26/16 Report - Great Treasure Coast Area Land Hunt. Phipps Ocean Park Renourishment Project. Surf Increased Today.

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Finds and photo by William M.

William M. had a great Treasure Coast area land hunt yesterday.  Look at the variety and quality of the finds.

More pictures to come in the near future.

Phipps Ocean Park Beach Renourishment 2016
From Jason T. YouTube Video.  See link below.
Dumping Anything Over One By One Inch Out of Sifter.
See link below.
Here is the link for the entire video.


Good video Jason!


...There are believed to be 165 million tons of it in the ocean right now. We're dumping the equivalent of one garbage truck's worth into the ocean per minute; that's projected to jump to four per minute by 2050, according to a report released Tuesday by theWorld Economic Forum and Ellen MacArthur Foundation. And that report has an ominous warning: We're on track to have more plastic than fish, by weight, in the world's oceans by 2050. (Right now, the ratio is about 1:5, plastics to fish.)...



On the Treasure Coast the surf is up to 3 - 5 feet.  It was rainy this morning.  We'll have negative low tides.  The wind is mostly from the southeast.

Happy hunting,