Thursday, January 14, 2016

1/14/16 Report - One Type of Non-metallic Find. Marbles. Front Coming Through Friday.

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Common Marble Beach Find.

Beach Marble Showing Waves In Glass Surface.

Beach Marble Find Showing Large Manufacturing Defect On Surface.

Frosted Sea Glass Marble.

Hope you are the person that got all of the Powerball numbers.  I guess if you did, you probably wouldn't be reading this today.

We have another front coming through on Friday.  This morning the wind was from the north, but it has already shifted around and is now coming from the south.  The surf, which is about 2 - 4 feet today will be diminishing the next couple of day,s and the wind will be shifting again.

Over the years I've found a good number of marbles on beaches and along waterways and a few at other places.  Like many other things found on a beach, they are often in poor condition, some are what I would call sea glass.  Some are completely frosted from being churned by the sand and surf.

Marbles can be worth a good bit.  There are marbles that are worth hundreds of dollars.  It is not too likely that you'll find one of those beauties on a beach, but you should be aware of it anyhow.

Marbles have been around for hundreds of years.  Some were made of stone or clay.  Those are the older ones.  They were sometimes found at civil war camp sites.

An old clay marble is a nice find, but the more valuable marbles are the hand formed glass ones.  They can be very intricate and beautiful.  You might be able to find a pontil mark on hand-made marbles.

Probably most of the marbles you will find are from the mid twentieth century.  By then they were mass produced.  If you were old enough you might still have some of your own.

Although three is the very remote possibility of a finding a valuable marble, marbles can be important signs.  If you find an old clay marble, it can be a sign of activity that took place in the area possibly as much as a hundred years ago.

If the marble is one of the more common types from the mid twentieth century, it still could be an indication of activity at the site decades ago.

I used to hunt some old park beaches that are not used any more and are now completely over grown. You wouldn't know that those sites were popular beaches back in the day unless you did some research or happened to find something that might provide a clue.  I once found some marbles in old overgrown area like that and that was one clue that told me the area might have once been a popular beach.

My point today, is that you can find marbles on the beach, and even if they are not likely to be valuable, they can be a good clue of past activity.  Keep your eyes open.

Here is a link to the Marble Collectors Society of America web site.  It has a lot of good useful information.


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