Thursday, January 7, 2016

1/7/16 Report - I Missed It, But Not All Of It.

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One Reale and Half Reale
Sometimes you miss by an inch and sometimes by an hour or a day.  You have to be in the right place at the right time.

I had it figured right this week, but life got in the way.  I had an injury and had to get to the doctor as soon as I could.  He could only fit me in at 7:30 Tuesday morning.  That was when I was planning on hitting the beach.  The surf and wind were right, and I knew a place that had produced in recent months under similar circumstances, so I wanted to be there. It didn't happen.

That was the only time the doctor could fit me in and I needed to go.  I thought it might not take too long so I packed all of my gear in the car so I could go directly to the beach from the doctor's office.   Well, it turned into a big deal and took much longer than expected.  Then I needed to go to the pharmacy for antibiotics.   They couldn't fill the prescription right away, so I had to come back later.

The doctor said I shouldn't do much of anything.  I still felt like going to the beach, but all things considered, thought it wasn't a good idea.  I still wasn't ready to give it up, and went out to a closer beach just to see what it looked like.  It didn't look much good, and I didn't feel so good so I thought I better give up on detecting for the day and go home.  End of story.  I missed it - not all of it, but the main event.  That is the way it goes sometimes.

I didn't miss everything.  I definitely missed the first day, but I did manage to get out a little, and managed to pick up a few things.

The spot continued to produce for a few days and might continue to produce for a few more days. Only time will tell. to come.  Under the circumstances maybe I should count myself lucky to have found as much as I did.

I don't know that I've ever seen a time when the finds have been so predominately from one small spot while most of the beach isn't doing anything.  Usually if one beach is good, there will be some others that aren't all that bad.

The spot that I'm talking about has been producing on and off for at least three months now.  First a day or two on then a couple weeks off, but this week it has been producing for a few days.  I think the most this week.

I found a little but missed most of it.  There has been a lot found.  I've heard of nearly 200 shipwreck items of various sorts.  Not too many cobs, but at least one gold cob and some other neat items.

Most of the beaches look poor right now and have not been producing much of anything old.  I haven't issued a beach detecting conditions upgrade because as far as I know, the conditions have only been good at that one spot.  My beach detecting conditions rating isn't meant to rate a single beach.  It is meant to reflect general conditions along the Treasure Coast.

I know everybody will want me to tell them which spot I'm talking about.  I did give some hints, but didn't tell it outright because I don't want hundreds of people showing up at that one spot.

Shortly after I started this blog I quickly found out that if I said that a particular beach was good a hundred people would show up at that beach.  I got a lot of complaints from people because of that. As a result I try to give good information on when it might be a good time to go, but don't want to send everybody out to one little spot.  If you carefully read what I've said the past few days you can probably figure it out for yourself anyhow.

I'll have more pictures of what has been found.  I already mentioned the gold coin.  A lot of lead was found, including musket balls.

For the time being, at the top of the post is a couple of finds.

Tomorrow the surf is supposed to be 5 - 7 feet, but the wind will be coming from the south.  That will be a change from today.  It will be interesting to see what happens.

South of Turtle Trail Near Low Tide Thursday.
A lot more of the bags were showing yesterday.

Happy hunting,