Tuesday, January 19, 2016

1/19/16 Report - Drake and Spanish Treasure, Sifting and Marble Finds, Miami Mansion Being Torn Down

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Pablo Escobar's Home In Maimi Is Being Torn Down.
Here is the link for more about that.  Thanks to Alberto S. for the link.



Russ P. has been sifting an old home site and has found a lot of marbles.  Most came from a single lot, and that included marbles from different eras.  Notice especially the clay marbles.

He said he didn't notice any hand blown examples, but is going to back and check for that.  There will rough pontil marks as shown in the links I previously provided.

Thanks for sharing Russ!

Russ has shown us his sifter in the past.  That takes some time, but can be very worthwhile.


I'll have to cut it short today.  That's all for now.

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