Wednesday, January 6, 2016

1/6/16 Report - A Quick Survey Of Some Treasure Coast Treasure Beaches This Morning. More To Come.

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Frederick Douglas Beach This Morning Just Before Low Tide.

Yesterday I wasn't able to get out much.  I did get to see one beach but that is all.  Today I took a look at more beaches, but it looks like things have already changed some.

Most of the beaches, like the one above, had seaweed this morning.  That is a sign that sand was

View From The Seagrape Trail Beach Accsss This Morning Before Low Tide.
You can see the seaweed here too.

I also took a picture at Turtle Trail but messed that picture up.  Too bad.  That was the best looking beach that I saw this morning.

From the beach access, it didn't show much other than a small cut running along the high tide mark, however to the south, between the two flag poles, the blue erosion control bags were very visible - more than I've seen for quite a while and most certainly more than I've seen in the past few months. At some spots there was a new three foot cut.  However, in front of the bags it appeared that sand had accumulated again.  I found some things there but they all need cleaned before I know what they are.

I saw seven detectorists there this morning but none at the other beaches that I visited.

Wabasso Beach.
Wabasso didn't look very promising either.  Again, you can see the seaweed.

Rio Mar had about a one foot cut, but again you see the seaweed.

Rio Mar This Morning Before Low Tide.

It appears that the best time was when the front first came through. That is often the case.  It isn't uncommon for the wind to start from the north, shift to the east and then the south.

We've had a lot of those lately where the front moves through and the wind shifts through the cycle fairly quickly.  Windows have been opening and closing in quick succession.

An injury kept me off of the beach when the front first came through and most of yesterday and I kept my hunt short today.  I didn't want to push it, nonetheless I managed to pick up a few things, mostly crusty and unidentified at this point.  I'll do some cleaning and maybe post some photos when I can.

We;re supposed to have three days with a surf in the 4 - 7 foot range.  That is welcome, but only one morning is the wind supposed to be from the north, then it will shift again.

That is all for now.

Happy hunting,