Wednesday, January 20, 2016

1/20/16 Report - Treasure Coast Beach Detecting Conditions Not Bad Despite Small Surf. New York Public Library Digital Collections.

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One Cut On The Treasure Coast This Morning Near Low Tide.

I've been busy for a few days and hadn't been out to check the beaches until this morning.

As you know, the surf hasn't been big.  The tides have been good and we had some north winds that made up for that to some extent.

The beaches that I saw on Hutchinson Island this morning weren't half bad.  I found plenty of heavily corroded and patinated clad coins and a few other things.

Fort Pierce South Jetty Beach This Morning.

I found one coin line that was about one third of the way up the slope between the low tide and high tide lines.

There were plenty of targets, and if you are hunting modern things, I suspect you could find some good hunting.

There might be a beach or two that is producing old stuff, but I didn't have the chance to check some of those spots, so I can't say for sure, but there is a chance.

Overall, conditions are much better than summer conditions right now, but not good enough for me to increase my Treasure Coast Treasure Beach Detecting Conditions Rating.  I'll have to check some other beaches tomorrow.

The three big factors are waves, tides, and the wind.  In this case we didn't have big waves, but had a good tide and some good north winds.

I saw erosion at three different beaches.  Two of those beaches also had sand piled up at the front of the beach.  One of those is shown immediately below.

Piled Up Sand On The Front of John Brooks Beach This Morning
In this picture, the piled up sand goes back to the light brown strip, which is made of a courser light sand.

There were few beach goers this morning.  I could see my tracks.  It reminded me of games we played up north in the snow.  I can't remember the name of that game now.  Maybe it was Duck, Duck, Goose or something like that.

I did see one other detectorist.  You can see her at the South Jetty Beach picture.


Part of Old Map Found In The New York Public Library Digital Collections.

I mentioned a bit about public domain yesterday.  When I started that discussion I meant to give you a good link for accessing a lot of public domain materials.  At the time I couldn't find the link, but found it later.  Here is the link to the digital collections of the New York Public Library.

Above is one example of what you can find there.  It takes a few minutes to learn how to navigate the site, but it is worthwhile.  You can find a lot of good material there.

The picture I posted yesterday was also from the New York Public Library Digital Collections.


I have deleted some of the old links from my reference link list and need to delete a few more that no longer work.  Old sites can be removed or renamed.  If you find any that no longer work, let me know.

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