Monday, January 25, 2016

1/25/16 Report - Treasured Memories. North Carolina Beach Cams. Ornate Button Find.

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Here is a really cool land find by Dan Beckingham.

The button back is very ornate.

Thanks for sharing Dan.


Some of the beaches up north should have turned good.

Gosports1 sent me this link that provides some good beach cams for the North Carolina beaches.

Thanks for sharing.


Some things stick out in memory.  It isn't always something big or important.  In fact, too often it is some small annoying or trivial thing.  It might only be a slice of a moment, yet the impression can last for many years.

One of my earlier memories like that was made when I was about five years old.  I went out to collect eggs from the chicken nest that was on the ledge of a garage window.  What I remember most is the sticky mess of the broken egg in the pocket of my jeans.  I guess I tried to put the egg in my pocket.  It made a big impression even though it was something that nobody else would even know about unless it was my mom when she cleaned my jeans.  I doubt if she remembers it now though.  It happened over sixty years ago.

I have several metal detecting memories like that from several years ago.  I remember one day when I was up to my waist in the ocean on a very beautiful day.  The water was smooth and extremely clear, The sky was blue.  I slowly lifted my scoop, and as the scoop was just a little above the sand when some of the sand slid off and I was greeted by a flash of light.

That moment sticks in my mind like it was yesterday even though it has been probably nearly thirty years ago.  It is like the moment was recorded on my mind very much like how light is recorded on film when an image is focused and the shutter is opened.

I could walk to that same spot today if it wasn't now covered by tons of renourishment sand.

I didn't think that much of the ring at the time.  In fact I didn't think it was anything special for a very long time.  I thought it was a zircon.  The ring was marked 14 KP.  I thought that meant plated.  That memory was indelibly recorded before I knew that I had anything valuable at all.  I later found out that "KP" means karat plum, not plated.  And plum means "exact."  It was a very good ring with a big quality solitaire diamond.  It was the sensory experience that was recorded in my memory, not the find.

Several of my most vivid memories occurred when I was in the water, and some don't involve finds at all.  Two in particular occurred almost exactly at the same spot, although at different times.

One day I was in water up to my neck.  The sun was low in the east and the water and sky were blue. It was a quiet beautiful day again.  I noticed a beautifully formed wave to the east of me that rose up about three feet above the level of my head, and through the wave with the rising sun shining through, I could see the shadows of hundreds of fish.  I really wish I had a photo of that.  That image was entirely visual.  I just remember the awesome sight.

Another day, almost in the same spot, the sea was calm as could be.  I was in the water again, and it was foggy.  There was no wind.  It was silent.  I could see only a few yards.  That was a very unusual scene.  I cant explain it.  It was like I was in my own private world surrounded by a curtain of fog.   I'd love to have a picture of that so I could share it.

There are other types of extremely vivid memories too.  Some are humorous.

I definitely remember the first piece of Spanish silver I found on the Treasure Coast.  I drove up from Fort Lauderdale.   I had made the trip several times before when conditions were poor and I had no luck.

My wife picked the piece out of my scoop and was about to throw that flat black razor away.  I hollered,"Wait,wait, wait."  I took a look, and stuck in my pocket.  When I got home I tested it and found that it was indeed silver.  It had no detail.

Today I could walk to within a couple of feet where I made that find even though it has been nearly thirty years since then.

Memories can be special.  Some of my favorite memories have nothing to do with metal detecting, although metal detecting has provided quite a few good ones.  I guess I wish more of them had been shared.

Many of my favorite memories are childhood memories with family members who are now gone. I'm glad I have those memories.  I hope they last as long as I do.

Make memories to share.


This morning the surf is small but will be increasing later today.  Tomorrow the surf will be up to around 3 - 5 feet.  Unfortunately the wind will not be very favorable.

Happy hunting,